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21-10-2008, 17:51 | Michael We.

Neues WÄLDCHENGARTEN-Album zum Download

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WÄLDCHENGARTEN: Fierce Pressure. Free mp3 download.
Available 27/10/2008 on www.waldchengarten.dk

We are happy to present the new WÄLDCHENGARTEN release Fierce Pressure as free Mp3-download. Originally the 3 tracks were only meant as a teaser between CD's, but since they ended up spanning more than 45 minutes we decided to make it an official release. Considering the general hasle of finding and dealing with labels in these times of decreasing CD-sales, financial crisis and what not plus the subsequent slow process before the actual CD would be available from any given label, the internet seemed to be a fit alternative. And this being a digital release, there will be no covers to download and any information about the tracks will be tagged in the files.

Of course we can't all be Radiohead and make a great fuzz about our release in "The New Media" and besides, people have been releasing and giving music away for free on the web for a longer time than Radiohead have been releasing records worthwhile downloading illegally. We even made a free Mp3-release in 2004, on great swedish label Fukk God, and back then that wasn't even anything new. Although the Mp3-format wasn't quite considered a valid release-format then as it is now.So, adding to the pile of free net-releases we obviously hope that this release will find it's way to both our regular listeners as well as newcomers even though we ended up making some 45 minutes of the most stale and almost unfriendly music yet in our time as recording artists. But given due patience, beauty will unfold some where in these tracks and we hope you will enjoy it.

Kind regards
WÄLDCHENGARTEN // attention@waldchengarten.dk

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