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02-05-2008, 11:59 | gwendolyn

Dawn & Dusk Entwined & :Golgatha: New Release

Dawn and Dusk Entwined & :Golgatha: present:

'Sang Graal'

‚In its astral-mythical origins, long before its Christian interpretation, the Holy Grail is the spring and the magic cauldron of daylight itself – the Sun. But the Sun has to be cut from the clouds and to be won: Indra in the Indian myth and Thor in the Germanic myth were the heroes who conquered the cauldron of the Sun through the Spear of Lightning. Only later this cauldron became the Christian chalice, in which Joseph of Arimatäa caught the blood of Christ, this differently ‘hot’ essence from the Other Sun…’ Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope

‘Sang Graal’ is an opus magnum, built in symbiotic collaboration during the last two years by the French masters of martial neo-classic Dawn and Dusk Entwined and the German Ritual-folk-band :Golgatha: - both formations well know from their recent albums in CMI. The title refers to the myth of the Saint Graal, the ‘holy grail’, and the ‘sang réal’, the bloodline of Jesus Christ. The album researches on various levels the different readings of the grail through the centuries, from an ancient fertility rite to the popular conspiracy theory. The pagan roots of this myth are once again revealed!

Both bands worked together on all tracks, combining their styles and forces to create a powerful neo-classical-folk-album with occasional glimpses of soundtrack pathos and dark ambience. A wide range of acoustic instruments was used (guitar, viola, bass guitar, flute, gong, piano, dulcimer, percussion) and at least three vocalists appear – including Sorakey from :Golgatha:’s 'Tales of Transgression and Sacrifice’. Martial tunes like ‘The Messiah’ or ‘Cross of Lorraine’ and majestic folk hymns like ‘Crusade’ and ‘A Seeker Divine’ will appeal to fans of dark music culture, while introspective ballads invite those interested in a deep listening experience. ‘Sang Graal’ is true audio mythology!

The 6-panel-digipak features unique photos and artwork by Birthe Klementowski and David Sabre.

First song-samples you will find on the respective MySpace-sites.

Coming this summer of 2.008!
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