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30-04-2008, 10:32 | Dominik T.

WERKRAUM Everything begins with Yearning

WERKRAUM Everything begins with Yearning
"Everything begins with Yearning ... "
Finally out in May '08 on Ahnstern/Steinklang:
 W  E  R  K  R  A  U  M 
E a r l yL o v eM u s i c
(Ahnstern 23)
   New fulltime album
14 progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love.
14 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times.
Together with friends of the groups Changes, Lady Morphia & Sturmpercht.
1. Beware the Jabberwock!
2. La Marmotte
3. Ein Lied von Lieb und Treu
4. Santy Ano
5. Slâfest du, vriedel ziere?
6. Song for Erik
7. The Dream
8. Allgemach
9. Der Schmied
10. Beyond the Evening Star
11. The Smiling of the Rose
12. Une Jeune Fillette
13. Die rechte Braut
14. Sanctity and Steel
Playtime around 60 minutes, CD in 6-side Digipak + 16 side booklet + some nice surprises and specials ...
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