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01-04-2008, 23:27 | Dominik T.



SONNY BELLAVANCE, ein klassischer Gitarrist und Satanist, wird bald mit Unterstützung der CHURCH OF SATAN sein Debütalbum veröffentlichen:

THE DEVIL’S GUITAR is in the process of production and will be available really soon on www.blackhousetribute.com. Seventeen pieces inspired by The Devil and the Black Flame of creativity. The premier album  of classical guitar in the world composed and interpreted for and in the name of the Four Crowns of Hell. Dont miss out!

“Hauntingly evocative neo-classical acoustic guitar pieces that will soothe as well as stimulate. Excellent technique and moving interpretations by this talented composer, whose art harks back to a time when melodic beauty was cherished over shock value.” —Magus Peter H. Gilmore

“These compositions blend a variety of guitar styles that are played with subtlety and passion. It combines to form some of the most beautiful, evocative and delicate music I have heard in a long while—music that truly reaches out, touches the heart and inspires. Sonny Bellavance weaves a spell with his music; creating a contemplative atmosphere that warms like a camp fire on a star spangled night.”
—Reverend UVRAY

“It is an honor to behold these compositions. They exude a true timelessness and existential purity, seemingly born by the fingers of Satan himself. Somber, lovely and bittersweet, The Devil’s Guitar shines like a morning star at the dawn of Apocalypse.”
—Stephen Kasner

“Dear music lovers, we have all heard the old expression ‘music to sooth the savage beast’...but where can one find such lovely melodies when listening to Ethel Merman or Mrs Miller or Tiny Tim will only incite you to ultra-violence? Look no further...remove your shoes, pour a double martini, sit down in your favorite leather recliner, close your eyes and smile...Sonny is here to gently massage your soul with his Devil’s Guitar...ahhhhhhhhhh, how sweet it is!!”
—Reverend Larry Wessel

The Devil’s Guitar is a rare example of mastery, style and substance in music today; beautiful and haunting!”
—Reverend Christopher Mealie

The Devil’s Guitar available very soon!
(Cover art by Warlock Daniel Byrd)

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