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17-01-2008, 11:04 | Dominik T.

Neues von TESCO - SPK - DVD, SONNE HAGAL CD u.a.

Es stehen neue Veröffentlichungen bei TESCO (Vertrieb und/oder Label an). Ausserdem gibt es nun diverses von CON-DOM, GENOCIDE ORGAN oder THO-SO-AA usw. im hauseigenen "MP3-Shop" ("all these downloads are from the masters directly, so you won't suffer of any stupid LP crackles which you get on the ripp-off machines.")


- after being hidden in time for more than 20 years this industrial milestone of the infamous 1st generation got renovated extended and digitally overworked. A true statement and monument for the outstanding band S.P.K. who gathered together under so many names like: SoliPsiK, Selektiv Pornography Kontrol, Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv, System Planning Korporation just to name a few.

Twin Vision, Cat TV and Tesco Germany proudly bring you a band about nothing could be said, the only group in industrial musics history that stands on the same level as Throbbing Gristle, for some even above. Influence to so many followers. The project ideal is to express the content of various psycho -pathalogical conditions, especially schizophrenia, manic - depressive psychosis, mental retardation and paranoia. Information Overload supersedes normal, rational thought structures, forcing deviation into less restrictive mental procedures of so-called 'mental illness'. SPK is trying to be a voice for those individuals condemned to the slow decay of mental hospitals and chemical / electro / surgical therapy, without fetishising them into blatant entertainment product. 'SONIC FOR MANICS' aims to be a vehicle for sharing mental experiences through sound.

This DVD compiles material that marked the genesis of the group <SPK>. The members at that time were known as Operator, Ne(H)il and Tone Generator. Like  rare live moments of the bands, energetic performances covering music from “Leichenschrei” to “Information Overload”, Live rehearsal footage from “ Auto Dafe”, slide shows, documentary and a filmed interview with Tone Generator aka Dominik Guerin founding member and man behind Twin Vision.

 (SPK TV1)

SONNE HAGAL – Jordansfrost, CD     

Released by Einsatzleitung in corporation with Tesco Germany we can present the long awaited new album by Germany´s neo-folk group Sonne Hagal, nearly one year of recording gives proof of how well arranged and styled the music on this disc is, helped by collaborators such as Kim Larsen (OTWATM), Waldteufel, Ernte and Darkwood. This is a release outstanding amongst so many other releases in the same genre.  Touching topics such as Europeanism and problems of the far and middle east to pagan mythology. This CD comes in different cover variations and nice digi.(Einsatzleitung)

----These Title should arrive at the end of january!

POSITION Parallèle (Derniere Volonte) – same, CD 

The cold electronic side project of Derniere Volonte a sentimental melancholic journey into the early 80. The charming voice and the minimalistic dreams will make you move your feet even more then during a Derniere Volonte gig! First eponym album, coming with 8 tracks, to present this first step into the big sphere of surrealism, cold love & lonely despair. Sometimes we feel something in our head like Radiowave energy, here is our story:

http://www.myspace.com/positionparallele     (HauRuck) HR87 

check out there music at their myspace side!

Close Future plans!

Con-Dom - Eight pillar CD
G.O. (Genocide Organ) - Live Tokyo DVD+Audio CD 
- special edition on vinyl is planned here


massiv repress of the Der Blutharsch backcatalogue!


plus lot of other goodies...

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