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03-11-2007, 13:57 | Michael We.

IN GOWAN RING auf Samhain-Sampler...

Hi All,

Some quick October news while yet a few leaves still dangle:

1>    Last of European shows for ‘07
2>    IN GOWAN RING track ‘Wind that Cracks the Leaves" (revisited ’07) on "All Souls Arise" compilation through Woven Wheat Whispers.
3>    Mail Order Shift / more titles available at www.LUNEMUSIC.com

We have just a few more European shows to round up the tour before heading to warmer climes for the colder days… 2nd November: Geneva Switzerland at LETAGE more info: www.letage.ch  10th, 11th November: Two Appearances in Portugal with Maja Elliott: POSTER  INFO: www.ingowanring.soprodasesferas.com

To celebrate the turning of the year, Woven Wheat Whispers have just released an informal companion volume to the "John Barleycorn Reborn" set called "All Souls Arise". The album compiles exclusive recordings and songs provided by artists for the first in a series of occasional seasonal releases. This sets marks Samhain / Celtic New Year / All Soul's Eve / Halloween. The music ranges from traditional song and folk-rock to psychedelic folk and rural instrumental. The set is available only from Woven Wheat Whispers as a download and will not be available from other sources. All music is exclusive new recordings unless indicated otherwise. There are six full length audio samples to hear at the album page. A new sleeve pack is available to download from the album page. Album released with thanks to all the artists involved.the set is now available for download. Feel free to take a listen or buy at:

We have HAZEL STEPS, THE TWIN TREES & TIME IS A SPIRAL back in stock at LUNE MUSIC: www.LUNEMUSIC.COM We have shifted operations with the help of Tim Renner at DARK HOLLER.  Perhaps you might expect enhanced professionality with this arrangement… (get it while it lasts!) …well, speaking of … we still have plans to make up for those of you affected by the slow orders of August (you’ll be hearing from us!)

Thanks to all with Ears to Hear,

Love From the Alps,


Geneva, October 2007


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