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26-08-2007, 10:51 | gwendolyn

:Golgatha: on CMI September 23rd

:GOLGATHA: - Tales of Transgression and Sacrifice (cmi176) - dvd-digi-CD

‘Transgression means to step over a certain point that normally cannot, or should not be passed; to transgress boundaries is to break down boundaries — transgression is a departure from the given, the existing, the normal, the world as we know it.’

The French philosopher Georges Bataille serves as the inspiration for the new and third fulltime album of the German ritual-folk-band :Golgatha:. Founded in 2004 :Golgatha: began in the dark realms of ambient-drones and continually developed their use of acoustic instruments to create a unique mixture organic and electronic elements. After two albums on the subject of heroism, ‘Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice’ marks a certain change of course in the music of :Golgatha: – in a psychonautic trip from ritual-drumming via multi-textured soundscapes up to catchy folk-songs this album appears more sensual and erotic.

Included are new versions of the songs ‘Rites of Spring’ (from CMI-compilation ‘All My Dead Friends’), ‘Garden of Love’(well-known from NONPOP-compilation) and ‘Flesh of the Orchid’. This time :Golgatha: introduce a female voice besides a wide variety of acoustic instrumentation (acoustic guitar, viola, bodhran drum, Asian gong, flutes etc.).

‘Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice’ was produced in close collaboration with German photo-artist Birthe Klementowski, who has done mystic and erotic pictures for each song contained, reproduced in the 32-pages booklet.

The new album by German ritual-folk-band :Golgatha: will appeal to fans of apocalyptic folk, shamanistic soundscapes and gothic-mysticism alike.

Product info: Comes in an exclusive DVD-sized digipak with 32 pages booklet
EAN: 7350020545603
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