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06-08-2007, 20:20 | Michael We.


Cold Meat Industry Newsletter no 42

Nutrition for cold minded and soft hearted! Now available for pre-ordering: our new tasty dishes - we have your menu ready: Lots of fibres for the morning breakfast - heavy weight vinyl, strong coffe and a cold sinister heart. Lunch served with Circus and Bread for everyone! Ending the evening with a candlelight supper and all your faith lost! Enjoy! thy Chef. Please pre-order now...


Wanna quench your thirst for some more BDN? And perhaps suffocate while doing so? You got it - just ram it in! The second part in the mysterious "1890"-series is here and it's definately not a sweetie - this one gathers up to be one of the most vile and disturbing platters yet and heaven in hell for the fanatics. Those who survived last years live-shows perhaps know what to expect - the insane and thorough disgusting low frequency throbbing BDN is known or here is almost drawn out to real static wave proportions. Intense is the keyword here - dare taste the VERY monotonous lo-fi mayhem of a kind that digs deeper into the very core of your psyche. 500 copies of heavy vinyl only - embossed cover!

ALL MY FAITH LOST... - The Hours

Romantic, melancholic, seductive. Acoustic, ethereal, lush. Sensual, beautiful and stirring. All are good words to describe The Hours' passionate search through the soul, an album inspired by the lifes and books of great authors. The Italian due of Viola and Federico create graceful and elegant music for fans of Dark Folk and Ethereal soundscapes. All My Faith Lost's second album quickly follows their 2005 debut on Cold Meat Industry. The album is slow and tranquil, featuring male and female vocals which serve as instruments contributing to the soundscape of acoustic guitar, flute, piano, violin, and cello. All My Faith Lost... unlock a beautifully tender and delicate world, a view into the soul of delicate seduction. "Federico and Viola, who are both responsible for the lyrical content, also share the lead vocal duties. The vocals are used like instruments, in that they are whispered and subdued, so that the narrative becomes secondary to the texture and tone. The synths are used to fill out the overall sound, but the acoustic guitar, flute, piano, violin, and viola are the true driving forces. This CD is for times of solitude and quiet introspection that will take you far away from the madding crowd." VIRUS MAGAZINE

STURMAST - Ibis redibis nunquam in bello peribis

Sturmast from Hungary plays a unique kind of folk influenced martial industrial music. Far from being an instrumental one-man computer band putting some classical loops and battle sounds together, Sturmast is a collective fronted by Varga Gabor. Here real musicians play real instruments, thus introducing the good old band-feeling to the martial industrial scene. The music contains powerful, eruptive live drums (toms, snare, bass drum), haunting violin and cello, acoustic guitar, and a selection of traditional folk instruments (e.g. kaval, jaw harp). Even the keyboards are "live" recorded in some ways, and a considerable part of the samples and special effects are made by the band itself. Absorbing atmosphere links the compositions which vary from hypnotic monotonous to marching repetitive, from moody experimental to beautiful, melancholy-filled delicate. The lyrics, portraying the fight of the historic and modern, spiritual and secular, uplifting and ill-fated, are mostly in Hungarian (one song is in German), with English translations in the stylish digipak with booklet.

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