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29-07-2007, 11:08 |

1654 - The Cave Party (Burg Leofels)

Born from being fed up with walking contained in this ensnaring mesh of concrete installation plumbing and the fragile love for the feel of nature unveiled, the concept for 1654 - THE CAVE arose. CAVE parties will be held exclusively in scenic locations as remote as this densely populated country allows, away from all the hi-tech gadgets we are so used to, making our lives nice and easy, ancient ruins or old storage cellars situated far from any habitation or, obviously, caves.

No electric light, no central heating, no lavatorie - just wilderness, candles, fire and some music (um, true, we are sneaking in a decent electric power generator for making our not so rural sound system drone and hum).

The music employed ranges from dark folk and medieval music to ambient and harsh electronic soundscapes.

Enjoy a rusticate atmosphere ripe with the full essence of nature's fragrance and earth spirit. Forget anything you would expect based on all the parties you came upon as yet.
Your conception of a party will never ever be the same again!!!

Summon a sentry demon to keep you aware of the future events that are bound to arise from this virtual pit.
In case you ran out of Mana, a simple bookmark will do as well!!!

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