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17-05-2007, 08:27 |

Schwadron - Ave Satani MCDR

Schwadron – Ave Satana (the devil is a socialist) MCDr PP001

Limited Mini Album (edition of 157 CDRs)

Release date: June 2007


01 Ave Satana
02 Feuer
03 Pathonautik
04 Gas chamber solution
05 Wacht auf!
06 Demoralize
07 Satan at my back
08 The devil is a socialist

The new CDR of Schwadron is a journey through violent and obscene sound landscapes: noisy and brute rhythm structures combined with heavily distorted male/female voices in its very own way. The 8 tracks on the CDR have an over 30 minutes playtime. CDR comes in a paperback folder with insert.

Price: 7 Euro (including postage for EU)
Preorders welcome (prepaid only!)
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