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26-02-2007, 20:21 | Roy L.

Finnisches Label: Anima Arctica

SOMNIVORE - "Clergy Of Oneiros"

AUER-001 | CD + Beiheft | limitiert auf 1000 Kopien
10,00 EUR

Debate With The Green Fairy
Lumi Ei Enää Sula Iholleni
Those Graves Under The Bay Of Bothnia
Ie Aie Yö

Six tracks clocking for over three quarters of an hour give the listener a glimpse of view of the world of Somnivore. Stories and tales inspired by dreams, nightmares, insomnia, sleepwalking, blurry history and future, magick and logic, secret and public essence of certain and uncertain places, fountains of life and curtains of death.
Magical viewpoints to seemingly everyday topics, and everyday approach to spiritual activities of certain and uncertain times and places influence the compositions varying from subtle drones to archaic rhythms, from harmonies and melodies blinking like hope in child's eyes, to brutal approach of noisy and pounding industrialish percussions. Vocals from monasteries of religions that don't exist (anymore? yet?) to gloomy whispers and spoken word.
Most of the time the holistic auditive narration of these songs works in the fields of ill-logic, instinct-driven - like a mindless spirit, like a small child, like an animal in frenzy... one observation of change in surroundings, and the thoughts fly to next subject causing somewhat unexpected results... Sometimes the stories work against linear time, like the ending track where the soldier in bunker get stumbled by memories of childhood, and lives his lifetime backwards in minutes. Some stories examine places and entities, to which time has no effect at all like the track "Those graves under the Bay of Bothnia".
Strongly present are the places most near to the scarred heart of this sound sculptor & songwriter: Lightless winter days of Lapland filled with anguish, physical and mental illness, and substances to kill the freezing effect of depression and climate... The nights, explorations and feasts of Moravia & Bohemia filled with absinth and wine... Quiet huts and nostalgic alleys and pathways of small northern Ostrobothnian villages... The blessed and noble forests of East Finland, the gentle yet crushing force of these holy woods... woods...


AUER-002 | CD
10,00 EUR

Saatana Kehäänsä Kiertää
Vihainen Laulu
Suomalainen Laulu
Mykkä Mies
Rauhan Marttyyrit
Taidat Olla Se Synkkä Vieras

These songs are made to rise higher than pines, and the brilliant melodies glitter like silvery lakes under the holy sun. Some of these tracks are surely to be sung along with tears in eyes by lonely listeners, and some out loud by like-minded minds affected by blessed beers and wicked wines.
This record is mainly performed two acoustic guitars and bass guitar held by men with fierce fire in minds and souls, with voice - sometimes fragile like icicles, sometimes hard like the wind from the arctic ocean, but always in the language of their ancestors - and with occasional elements of other traditional instruments.
Humble and traditional approach to composing leads to traditional, yet innovative song writing... a reverend nod is given to the direction classics of British isle's neo folk genre, which shake hands with archaic songs sung by Finnish tribes next to fireplaces in nightless night, in lightless winter of this cold, cold country.

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