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17-02-2007, 12:47 | Roy L.

Enfant Terrible Update

Durch das Presswerk verschuldet, verzögerten sich die beiden neuen Platten des niederländischen Labels Enfant Terrible.
Inzwischen erhältlich ist:

I-C-K - "La Parade des sans Illusiones"


petit enfant 001 | 7" EP | schwarzes Vinyl + Insert
limitiert auf 300 Kopien

Societe D'Ombres
Je Cours

Kings Of Speed
Avoir 20 Ans

ICK is a well know name in the industrial music world. Since a long time he is also involved in minimal electronic music. On this 7" EP ICK displays his perception on contemporary society. His dreams and fears about political power, youth and the future are crafted into fierce minimal elektro tracks with punk and industrial influences.
This is the first release on the new Petit Enfant series. This series is for 7" releases only. The artwork is done by Dutch artist Edwin Stoutjesdijk (also known as dj Kramp from our Hex parties).

im Laufe der nächsten Woche sollte erhältlich sein:

AFTER THE SNOW - "Fracture"

Enfant06 | LP | schwarzes Vinyl
limitiert auf 350 Kopien


Enough (Open)
Rich In Thought

On his debut LP After The Snow (this artist was already present on Enfant04: Electronic Renaissance) presents to the world his visions and feelings translated into dark, ritualistic and invocative minimal electronics. In his sound you will discover that After The Snow works within the old industrial and new wave tradition. And, his sound will remind you of early minimal electronic acts. Still he has a very unique and original sound of his own, made for the world of today...

HEX Party

"Frustration is without doubt one of the most interesting bands of the moment in the area of post-punk. The band shows up so very authentic in the vein and tradition of Crisis, Warsaw, The Fall and (early) Killing Joke that it's hard to believe that they are actually from now."

+ DJ Sets (Past & present of Post-Punk, New Wave, NDW, Minimal, Chamber Music, etc.) 

Samstag, 24.02.07

Einlass: 22.00 Uhr
Tickets: 6 EUR

Amstelveenseweg 134

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