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26-11-2006, 14:51 | Roy L.

Allerseelen / Changes Split-MCD

ALLERSEELEN / CHANGES - "Men Among The Ruins"

Der Angriff | MCD
12,90 EUR (erhältlich bei Steinklang/Ahnstern)

We Went To Find The Sun
Don Quixote
The Poet
Serdtse (Herz)
Kapli Krasivogo Vremeni (Tropfen Schöner Zeit)
Svyatoe Vino (Heiliger Wein)

This brandnew split CD release contains six songs by the Austrian industrial folklore formation Allerseelen and the American folk noir ensemble Changes. Each one of these two groups that have been active for many years contributed three exclusive compositions to this CD which was published by the label Der Angriff in Russia. 
 Allerseelen and Changes performed together in November 2005 in St. Petersburg and Moscow and spent various days in these cities. It was the first concert travel of Changes to Russia and the second one for Allerseelen. This split CD is a thank you by these two groups for the Russian organizers of the concerts. This split CD is also a milestone which very soon will be sold out. So take care and control to get hold of these poetic and powerful songs.
The contributions of Changes are again beautiful timeless Folk Noir compositions with the wonderful guitar play by Nicholas Tesluk and the amazing dark voice of Robert Taylor. The three songs by Allerseelen show another facet of this Austrian ensemble, this time the songs have a powerful Apocalyptic Rock character, two of the songs feature female Russian lyrics by Drynwhyl who also participated on several releases by the Bulgarian black folklore ensemble Svarrogh.

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