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18-11-2006, 18:48 | Dominik T.

PUNCH:-RECORDS Festival im Januar


This big event will take place on 20 & 21 January 2007
at the suggestive club UT CONNEWITZ located in Leipzig Germany

Two looong nights of pure Punch music
with not less than 10 Punch bands !!!

Are you ready to start the new year in the best way?


Gone through a giddy whirl of cybertantrick mosaics this mysterious Italian band is going to re-invent the glorious cosmic krautrock style with much dedication, adding to it another dimension of futurist ambient atmospheres and deeply hypnotising forms of doom. You can bang your heads to it or not, this sheer monument of a sound will anyway crush your little temples of technocratic belief.

The grandseigneur of bizzarismo is proud to present you the first fully fledged festival of his colourful and ever growing circus maximus. And even more, the chef will appear on stage himself in a new incarnation and exclamation of stylish perversions. Make up your minds for a punch and a fistful of romantic extremism, ‘cause Daddy’s going to pamper you kids with some songs of his forthcoming third album!

Another portion of fresh blood from Barcelona. This wicked and weird Don Quixote duo appeared out of nothing just a few months ago and now they are the first time ever on stage to shoot a fine a line of creepy cybertechno-pop with merry sequences and a laid-back Mediterranean taste. Dance the urban rock’n’roll and see Comandante Raùl controlling the moods on his second front.

Oh folks, the worst kind of terror is haunting the woodlands! This suspicious pack of dwarf demons prepares an unholy ritual against the insane heartbeat of the mountains by cooking a hellish soup and spicing it with dozens of secret ingredients – especially for you metalheads with a soft spot for blood-red fairytales. But don’t let them fool you, they are no gawky psychopaths but true virtuosos in scoring a forest night.

Hey hey, boys and girls, never say „analogue“ if you don’t mean it. Erik will have an ear on that, because he lives the analogue lifestyle. And riding on a cow back into the 70ies he brought some presents for the future: cold isolationistic vintage sounds breathing through the synth walls of a crystalline ether. Let’s dare the trip, let’s start the ship. Well Sir, where’s the muuuhg?

A living legend this urban guerrilla combo went through countless forms and formations but always maintained its little psychedelic monster with teeth sharp as aircrafts. Close to the verge of absurd madness and futurist revolutions the ingenious mind of painter/musician Raffaele Cerroni unfolds a myriad of multi-mediumistic galaxies, to be projected at the backside of a huge post-romantic “Kino Room”. Take the full trip >from Lumière to Lynch and be patient for the mushrooms.

After several attempted suicides Austria’s most charming musick duo is back through a gap in the head of Docteur Bestombes to show you again yet another small fragment of their infinite universe. In the past ten years they rode the angry bulldogs of combat folk, took an alcoholic shower in the neo-cabaret backyard, tripped on through Pasolini’s stoned eyes and finally went upside down in a small Catalonian jazz-hop bungalow. What else will they have to offer? A beast for the feast and a dash of “Wiener Blut”. Demon down!

Even in the winter the sun is summer in Catalonia and most likely Demian and his friends will carry some of its warmth into Leipzig’s cold January nights. Everything will be here in our new world: love and sorrow and desire. For every soul shipwrecked on a salty sea the innocent light of this honest poetry is not going to leave them alone. The lunar pulse beat of the night entwines both sighs and laughs just like a dozens songs from heaven being sung in hell.

Forget about all the pseudo-intellectual shit you’ve witnessed in cinema lately, as this Boston boy and director of “The Doctor” is going to turn the American independent film upside down. And hell, you should know he’s banging the keys too, in order to serve you a grand style plate with a bitter taste of waltz, a spot of foxtrot and some hints of jazz. Not only drunk but hurt by a greater Belle Époque psychedelia this is what we call ancient mansion dancefloor stuff.

Germany’s only true cult band these days has always an elegant cold smile swirling around its many faces. No matter which outfit they chose and design for their dry and tart absinthe love songs, be it minimalist sine-waves or cosy accordion shanties, this enfant terrible duo knows to use the trick how to chic. Maybe it’s retro-elitist, maybe it’s post-néoist. For sure it’s nothing else but perfectionist. A back-and-forth revolution!

stay tuned, stay Hot !!!

all the best

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