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18-08-2006, 23:47 | gwendolyn

:Golgatha: feat. Tony Wakeford

Seven Pillars
Athanor CD 2006
Coming this late summer of 2006!

"You are all alone when you live with the myths." Musical reflections on the myth of Thomas Edward Lawrence a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia, blending occidental and oriental sounds with ritual rtyhms, martial elements and instrospective acoustic guitar and violin melodies.

1. January 21, 1919: Orient-Occident
2. June 1909: Syria
3. March 1911: Nadir
4. July 6, 1917: Akabar
5. March 1917: Under the Desert Moon
6. October 1rst 1918: Victory
7. September 1919: The Loss feat. Tony Wakeford
8. November 1917: The Mint
9. August 1922: Royal Air Force
10. Reflection I: Solitude
11. Reflection II: Hordes
12. May 13, 1935 : One Last Ride

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