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16-08-2006, 14:53 | Roy L.

Little Somebody Records

Little Somebody ist eine neues Independet-Label für Psych-Folk und ähnliche Klänge. Spezialisiert auf größtenteils limitierte handgemachte Veröffentlichungen, liegt das Hauptaugenmerk darauf, eine neue Gemeinschaft talentierter und kreativer Künstler herauszuformen. Demos in jedem Format werden gern angenommen.

neue Veröffentlichungen:

The Joy Of Nature - "The Shepherd's Tea At 7"

LSR2 | 7" | limitiert auf 500 Kopien
Die ersten 50 Kopien kommen mit einem Teebeutel aus dem JOY OF NATURE Garten
$ 5.50

A: The Shepherd And The Lake-Maiden
B: A Slumber Hangs Upon These Walls

Harvest time introduces Spring inside the heart. The first side corresponds to 7:00 A.M. and will feature the instrumental "The Shepherd and The Lake-Maiden", loosely based upon the celtic traditional story "The Shepherd of Myddvai". The second side corresponds to 7:00 P.M. and will feature the song "A slumber hangs upon these walls". The two songs are entirely acoustic and less experimental than the tracks available for listening on MySpace. The image above is just a sketch for the back cover. The idea for this work came to me in the beginning of 2006 as a set of images, inner images, symbols of another reality.

novemthree - "Of My Mother's Weary Wanderings"

LSR4 | 3" CD-R | limitiert auf 100 Kopien
handgefertigter, gestempelter und genähter Folder
$ 6.00

A Celebration Of...
Waxing Gibbous
A Mother's Wish
Lying Down Asleep In Her Hair

novemthree is the solo work of label head Pythagumus. Named after the child who went through major surgeries to remove massive tumors from his face. He died last year… novemthree started in 2004 after giving up the making of music for 6 years. Prior to that, he had been in several noise/experimental groups that never really did anything productive. This is his forth release under the guise of novemthree. Two being self-released (“Fog & Leaves” and “A Parliament of Owls”) and one being released on a local Tacoma label named Hand Panther (“A Woodland Fable”).


Arrowwood - "Hemlock And Spindle Flower"

LSR1 | CD-R | limitiert auf 100 Kopien
handgefertigter DigiPak
$ 8.00

In Ruin
Treasure Ghost
From The Branch Of A Hemlock Tree
I Was Born In The Forest
All Things Rise
Sub Umbra Alarum
Mount Tabor Dream Maze
Mountain Water
Clumsy Dance

Hailing from Lakewood Washington, Arrowwood is Chelsea Robb. She plays: mandolin, bouzouki, harp, zither, bells, shakers and such. Pythagumus (novemthree) helps her out by playing guitar, percussion, whistles, etc. "Hemlock And Spindle Flower" was released in January of this year on a now-defunct label, called Circumstantial.

geplante Veröffentlichungen:

Cloud Temple - "Funeral Dirge Ov Thee Crowe King"

LSR5 | CD-R | limitiert auf 200-250 Kopien
DigiPak mit Offset-Druck

Funeral Dirge Ov Thee Crowe King
Sleeping Breath
Behind the Silver Gate Ov Brenna

Cloud Temple is Johnny Miller of Chicago, Illinois. He is also in a project called Black Moss and runs a label named Bickering Bray.

LSR3: Leoðsong Guild - "The Minstrels Of Post-Apocalyptic Future"
LSR6: The Boy Who Spoke Clouds/novemthree - tba
LSR7: Green Mistletoe - tba
LSR8: Moongazing Hare - tba

Psyche van het Folk

"Bitte helft jemandem, der uns allen hilft! Die "Psyche van het Folk" (Radio Centraal) Radiosendung/Online-Archiv für Folkmusik steht auf der Liste gefährdeter Folk-Spezies. $200+ werden bis zum Ende des Monats gebraucht. Dieses Engagement kostet Geld und das Geld wird knapp. Spenden bitte über http://www.myspace.com/littlesomebody  ."

Little Somebody Records
PO Box 11153
Tacoma WA 98411

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