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09-06-2006, 22:41 | Dominik T.



In order to react to the World Cup hysteria, FDF decided to pay its
homage to one of the last nostalgic moment of Italy's old republic,
when football was a cheaper entertainment and no scandals were making
the news, FORZA ITALIA was a natural wild slogan erupting from the
terraces and not the name of a party run by (deviated) masons or mafia
connected goons.

It was the hot summer of 1982, the "lead years" were at their finals
stage and our fellow member Marco was turning 8 while moving from a
small village to the suburbia of Como.

On 11-7-82, Italy won the world cup after an intense match with Germany.
3-1 was the final result and he spent his first of many sleepless
nights of his life cheering with his parents and new found neighbors.

Marco lost his interest in football in half a decade after that since
unable to reach the same state of ecstasy, something he did in less
moral ways in his mid-teens.

Take this as an harsh heartfelt tribute to the last heroes of his
childhood long before discovering Ballard, Junger and Jodorowsky.
Forget our winging ballads or dramatic wall of noises and follow us to
the Stadium for one more time while everybody will be stuck by the TV
watching their team.

The track is about 8 minutes long and can be listened on our myspace
page http://www.myspace.com/forestadiferro (very low quality), or can
be downloaded here: http://www.retaliation.it/italia82.zip (11 MB).

Feel free to spread the news via your web sites/newsletters, and share
it on P2P; this track won't be available on future releases.
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