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04-04-2006, 11:13 | Christian K.

V/A Electronic Renaissance

A new light is shinning. Enfant Terrible shows the world that not all that
is good about elektro is from the past or retro. ‘Electronic Renaissance’
features twelve contemporary artists with different styles and flavors in
electronic music. All the sounds on this new release are within the
tradition of the 80’s new wave, but are still very clear a product of
today’s world.

You will not find disco or other deformed elektro sounds on ‘Electronic
Renaissance’. Only the true authentic and independent artists were asked
to collaborate. The result doesn’t need any further explanation, the
sounds are all you need. Enjoy!

Tracklisting Enfant04: V/A Electronic Renaissance

A1 Porn.Darsteller – L’Ingénue
A2 Jeunesse Fantôme – Księżyc
A3 Wermut – Media In Vita In Morte Sumus
A4 Solitairen Effekten – Zeitgeist Overkill
A5 After The Snow – Oktober
A6 Echo West – Luck To come

B1 Konform – Nachts
B2 The Soft Rider – The Pool
B3 It & My Computer feat. Rollinka – La Danse Des Âmes
B4 La Comtesse Morte – No No Never
B5 Black Spider Clan – Far Behind
B6 Kompleta – Theme Of The Insecure Sailor

Soundclips of all tracks: http://www.enfant-terrible.nl/enfant04.html

Release date: april 2006
Cat. nr: Enfant04
Format: LP (limited edition of 500 copies + booket)

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