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19-02-2006, 14:18 | Roy L.

KnifeLadder - "The Spectacle" CD

KnifeLadder - "The Spectacle"

Cryonica Music | CD | 27.02.

KnifeLadder are a tribal Industrial trio consisting of Andrew Trail (Inertia, Anti Valium), John Murphy (SPK, The Associates, MaxQ, Death in June), and Hunter Barr (Anti Valium, Infant Skull Surgery, Altered States) and are unleashing an amazing Industrial album! The pounding Industrial percussion of John Murphy mixed with doomy soundscapes and twisted sounds and melodies from Hunter and Andrew make this an album for anyone into REAL INDUSTRIAL MUSIC. If you like anything from Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Whitehouse to current Power Electronic Music, this CD is a MUST!
This is quite simply the best work KnifeLadder have ever produced and is as an intense 50 minutes of Voodoo Power Industrial Electronics as you will ever hear! Discover a piece of Real Industrial Music NOW!

Just Desserts
Out Of Danger
The Spectacle

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