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16-02-2006, 22:23 | Roy L.

Severin Bestombes (aka J. Weber)

Severin Bestombes vom Horse Gore Club - "Auszug & Abgesang"

PP013 | 12" Vinyl mit fluoreszierender Beschichtung
18,00 Euro | 333 Kopien

110 Kopien in blauem Vinyl
223 Kopien in grünem Vinyl

Severin Bestombes is said to be J. W. Eber who is said to be J. Weber, who the world claims to be NOVY SVET, singer and brain appendix of MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE and god knows what else. might be true....well, seems to be true. And what's truth on diplomacy's smooth grounds? Was this guy ever known for being outstanding diplomatic? Definitely not...neither is this album. Bad memories melted into two long (each one LP-side long) tracks, that have their roots growing out of the sixties avantgarde's ass. In the end it is just fuckin' beau.

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