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22-12-2005, 17:01 | Roy L.

Neue Cynfeirdd Veröffentlichungen

Richard Moult - "The Secret Joy"

Cyn040 | CD | 14,00 Euro

You have discovered this painter-composer with the latest Cynfeirdd mag issue, here is now his first album, what to say except this sentence from David Tibet (Current 93) "Richard Moult is one of the most talented and interesting artists I have met, a creative polymath supreme whose work with Current 93 is very special indeed". You have to discover his universe and this "Secret Joy"!

A Hawthorn Berry
A Summer Day
A Night Sky
Like A Poppy On A Tower
The Shell
The Snowdrop Of The Secret Joy:
i) Roseberries
ii) A Rainy Day
iii) Be Still, You Little Leaves
iv) The Secret Joy
Wolfram's Dirge
Now Are The Hills Born New In Sparkling Light
The Sedge-Warbler


Karnnos - "Undercurrents And Lost Horizons"

Cyn041 | CD in Digifile + Booklet | 434 Kopien
14,00 Euro

A new Karnnos album, ideal celebration of the longest night of the year, an hallucinated journey through the meander of sacred and mysterious, a musical revelation of the death-birth-life cycle.

Burial Passage Mound
The Womb Of The Forests
Where The Gone Return As Wind
Untitled To Walk At Dawn
Outermost Oak
Stone Of Destiny
Bound Of Fire
The Well Of Night
Dark Waters Of the Sidhe
The Seer Vision
Undercurrents And Lost Horizons

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