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18-11-2005, 18:01 |

Neues von Werkraum

Dear Folks.

Please find enclosed new information about WERKRAUM.


Out now on Percht/Steinklang:


-Der Marsch der Wampelerreiter/Viel volle Becher klangen -

New martial drinking songs from the wild and mythologic central
European Alps. For the first time Sturmpercht appear with their
new bandmember Axel Frank from WERKRAUM on guitars & whistles etc.

Read first reviews at:



and in the current print issue of ORKUS Magazine.


Out now on Auerbach/Prophecy:


The Neofolk introduction with detailed information,
backgrounds, musical and philosophical influences
from and about all relevant artists in the genre.
Written by Andreas Diesel & Dieter Gerten.

The book features also articles about WERKRAUM and

The 4 CD box includes tracks from Nico, Laibach,
Changes, Blood Axis, Paul Roland, The Strawbs,
Death In June and many, many more.

For this compilation WERKRAUM contributed the
John Dowland adaption "Ornament" in collaboration
with Nick Nedzinsky/LADY MORPHIA and Antje Hoppenrath
on vocals.


Work for WERKRAUM's brand new E.P. "KRISTALLE"
(Ahnstern/Steinklang) is now in the final phase of

We should have it out and ready to go end of this month/
the first week of December 2005.

With the support of Nick Nedzinsky, Antje Hoppenrath,
Nicholas Tesluk and Robert Taylor you may expect a surprising
acoustic and psychedelic album full of archaic moods,
traditional melodies and intimate moments.

A preview can be read in the current issue of ORKUS Magazine.



Also now published in ORKUS is a big article/interview with
WERKRAUM (Nr. 12 Dec.2005/Jan. 2006)

This issue also includes the CD sampler ORKUS Compilation 15,
feat. an exclusive version of a new WERKRAUM track, taken from
the upcoming release.




TRIARII live in concert - next weekend, Saturday 26, in

Axel Frank (WERKRAUM) will be performing live on stage
with TRIARII at Icetodiron Festival.

Other artists will be:

Reutoff, Claustrum, Northaunt, Svartsinn

Details at:



-Men among the Ruins-

CHANGES on European tour

Live dates:

Saturday, November 12, Sintra, Portugal (with Andrew King)
Sunday, November 13, Antwerp, Belgium (with Candid Empire)
Wednesday, November 16, Vienna, Austria
Thursday, November 17, Budapest, Hungary (with The Moon and
the Nightspirit)
Saturday, November 19, St. Petersburg, Russia (+ Allerseelen).
Sunday, November 20, Moscow, Russia (+ Allerseelen).







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