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24-09-2005, 23:12 | Roy L.

Aorta Rundbrief 24.09.

Hier der Inhalt des heutigen AORTA Rundbriefs:

Unfortunately the concert which was planned for Barcelona on 28.X.2005 won´t happen this year but in 2006.
29.X.2005 Yverdon/Schweiz with Belborn
30.X.2005 Torino/Italia
31.X.2005 Pordenone (in preparation)
19.XI.2005 St. Petersburg - Russia with Changes
20.XI.2005 Moskau - Russia with Changes
XII.2005 Germany, London (in preparation)

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12.XI.2005 Sintra - Portugal
Antwerpen - Belgium (in preparation)
16.XI.2005 Wien - Austria
17.XI.2005 Budapest - Hungary


The Allerseelen DoLP Gotos=Kalanda will be out within a few weeks.

Allerseelen DoLP Flamme - almost sold out
Allerseelen DoLP Heimliche Welt - some dozens copies still available
Allerseelen DoLP Archaische Arbeiten - still available
Allerseelen DoLP Sturmlieder - still available

ALLERSEELEN 7" KNOSPE (Carpe Noctem) - some copies still available
WIR RUFEN DEINE WÖLFE T-Shirt - some copies still available



This page shows the via ferrata Kaiser-Max-Klettersteig in the Martinswand, Zirl, close to Innsbruck, Tirol, Österreich. This iron path was one of the inspirations for the almost sold out Allerseelen MCD Pedra (Terra Fria). Vie ferrate are one of the obsessions of Gerhard/Allerseelen - apart from music, poetry, wine directly inspiring the dynamic of the recent krautfolk/krautpop/krautrock recordings by Allerseelen published on the Allerseelen 7" Knospe (Carpe Noctem) and the forthcoming Allerseelen DoLP Gotos=Kalanda(Ahnstern).
"The very heart of Europe might be Tyrol – and one theory states that its name comes from Tyr and Odal. Somewhere high up in the mountains of Tyrol, I visited a source with inscriptions – some experts claim them to be Etruskian inscriptions, other experts consider them as runes. Both worlds met in the archaic landscape of Tyrol where tribes from the North and tribes from the South lived."
(Gerhard - Allerseelen interview in Tyr II, Atlanta, GA: Ultra 2003-2004)

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