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21-09-2005, 09:23 |

Death In June - Behind the Mask

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Death In June - Retrospektiven

( ... oder: DVD's machen schön.)


Douglas P. has recently provided an exclusive version of his 'first ever song' 'Come Before Christ And Murder Love'. ("...as anyone would have heard as performed in my bedroom when I was 18! Ah, I only remember the neighbours banging on the wall!")

Also to be included in BTM are rare tracks from CRISIS: 'Holocaust Hymns,' featuring 'UK 79' and 'Kanada Kommando.'


Behind the Mask, featuring Douglas Pearce (CRISIS & DEATH IN JUNE respectively), is a glimpse into a life of imposed militarism, art, and extremely deep emotional journeys. It's a look at what happened before the music started and the formative building blocks that influence[d] his art and life. Its flow replicates a meandering day-long conversation held between Douglas Pearce and Darryl Hell at Mindswerve Studio in 2004.

Filmed @ the HellLab Underground, NYC/2005, and the Pyramid Club, New York City/2005.

s6k Entertainment & Voidstar Productions present:
-Behind the Mask- Douglas P.

A videomovie by Darryl Hell.

"This captures my personal zeitgeist." (Douglas P.)

62 min. + bonus footage

Release date: November 21, 2005

$25 DVD [ntsc]
$32 limited special issue CAN DVD [ntsc]
(aluminum can case + goodies inside)
$30 limited issue VHS [ntsc, pal] + additional exclusive footage

Pre-orders since sept 1st, 2005.

Info: http://www.noisebase.com/voidstore/index.php



Tesco USA is pleased to announce this forthcoming DVD release due Fall 2005! A beautiful and unique documentary piece filmed at Walker Stage in New York on November 10, 2002, nearly 21 years to the day since the band's live debut opening for The Birthday Party in London.


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Death In June
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