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31-08-2005, 12:51 |

Tapio Kotkavuori - Terra Hyperborea

Ab heute ist das Album Terra Hyperborea des musizierenden Temple of Set-Magiers Tapio Kotkavuori erhältlich.

Tapio Kotkavuori - Terra Hyperborea
Gemina Stella & Some Place Else present

TAPIO KOTKAVUORI : Terra Hyperborea
CD out on Gemina Stella
distributed by Some Place Else

Tapio Kotkavuori is a Magister of the Temple of Set and he has an
essential role in the practises and information sharing of northern
magical context. He is also the author of two books on the subject of
Left Hand Path.

Terra Hyperborea contains a selection of Kotkavuori's sound-magical
Workings recorded in 2001CE. At the time, recordings were made under the
project name Vaskikäärme. These recordings have now been remastered and
are publicly available in CD-format for the first time. The album
contains also a high-resolution version of the Underground Tunnels-video.

Musically artist himself describes Terra Hyperborea as "post-apocalyptic
dark-ethno-ambient". Its semi-organic, semi-electric soundspheres are
trance inducing, almost hypnotic, varying from soft mood adjustments to
more focused incantations and chants. Kotkavuori's main weapon of choice
in this battle against silence is didgeridoo, but tons of other
instruments - such as vocals, rainstick, shaman drum, coffee maker,
synthesizer, kitchen knives etc. - have been utilized as well. All in
all, these recordings create a shamanistic ambiance with a dark twist
characteristic to the Left Hand Path. They provide an inspiring
background for mundane as well as Other Kind of activities.

To some, this record offers an unique peek to the world of Black Magic.
To others, it offers a lot more.


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