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26-08-2005, 16:48 | Roy L.


Siderant - A Beat Monkey Meditation

5" CD - EP
Nekofutschata | NEKO15
300 Kopien

Titel (diesmal in deutlich lesbarer Schrift...):
Todo Rojo
Aranca Me
Desde Infiernos De Flores

This is the second of the mini CD series, much in the experimental groovy mediterranean-dub style of "Là-Basis Communion". Contains collaboration with Demian from O PARADIS, Flavio Rivabella (Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter) and Tristan Sasao. It doesn't have to be winter just yet, so here's a bit of the spanish sun to sweeten the dark evenings to come...

Weitere 15 Minuten in Richtung "Desde Infiernos De Flores" Gesamtkunstwerk...Rezension auf Lichttaufe folgt.

Erhältlich über TESCO-Org. oder T.u.T./R.u.R. Shop


here is what j. weber sent to me:

dear tristan, dear all (out there & in here)!

i have to excuse myself for this (too) late update. well, i do have my regular bowels, but sometimes the mind plays dirty tricks on you. anyway it all goes on and by. here are the news - or items of information you might not be aware of, although they are not current issues.


on behalf of the group i would like to thank kotomi, takashi and akira for organizing a magnificent concert and for spending some of the best days of our lives with us. recordings of the show at super deluxe turned out to be of excellent quality and will be released on an LP by a japanese label (and imported to europe). details to be confirmed.


NOVY SVET 'siderant - a beat monkey meditation', mcd, neko 15
the now barcelona based group returns with the second part of their EP-trilogy, that will make up the huge DESDE INFIERNOS DE FLORES-project (from a hell made of flowers), together with a live-LP (see above) and a full-time album. again available through the group's own imprint, all 300 copies pressed are distributed by TESCO (worldwide). comes in beautifully designed cardboard sleeve, all new material. (official press text)

a new shared album, the follow-up to the well received 'entre siempre y jamas....', by O PARADIS and NOVY SVET is out now on PUNCH RECORDS. the first 300 copies of this album-CD, which was described as 'less popish' than its predecessor, come with additional 3"CD containing 4 exclusive tracks (outtakes from the sessions). please go directly to the webpage of PUNCH for more infos (and ordering possibility). of course also available from TESCO.

HIS DIVINE GRACE and NOVY SVET recorded two 13 minute tracks together, which are now available on 10"-format (lim. 500, incl. 4 inserts, grey vinyl) through REUE UM REUE (RuR), a new branch of the franco-aleman label TREUE UM TREUE (TuT), that also released WERMUT´s stunning hoffnung-recordings. the label´s website featuring detailed information on all their existing and forthcoming releases, links and a great shop (usually they do also stock NOVY SVET material), which offers great music at even greater prices.

some time ago PUNCH RECORDS released a beautifully designed, limited edition compilation-LP, that presented exclusive tracks by NOVY SVET among contributions from O PARADIS, AIT!, TOTENLIEDER. sorry for not informing you earlier about this (sometimes the mind...etc. - you know). anyway, this vinyl should still be widely available. it is said that there exists also a
special edition in marbled vinyl, though this has not been seen yet.


upcoming releases of O PARADIS - most of them featuring contributions by NOVY SVET or myself: an older album on some obscure canadian label (CD), a brand new album through PUNCH (CD) and a limited edition 7" through a new french company. details to be posted when available and where necessary.

UNIDAD SASAO will cover one of their favorite grindcore-tracks for an upcoming compilation on TuT. they are also preparing their second fulltime release (after their debut-Lp on NEKOFUTSCHATA) for the same label.


hopefully soon for this newsgroup.

audio-file of j. weber mumbling about life in the upcoming second issue of german TAUCHERzine. other contributors that provided interviews include PEOPLE LIKE US, CYCLOBE, etc. as well there
are examples of the group's/person's works included. NOVY SVET is present with "juntos", a track from the DESDE INFIERNOS DE FLORES-sessions.


there is a second release on VPN, NOVY SVET's inhouse CD-R-label specialized in documents of living room experssionism: OOLONG FANCY DRAGON NOIR's SILLON FERMÉ (VPN 2). as with the first CD-R by HIS DIVINE GRACE, this was given for free to everybody attending the recording process and can not be bought.


anybody who wants to get rid of his copy of the FUTURA-LP by RED NOISE (red 1) or even the CD-edition should contact the webmaster. i am willing to exchange this with rare NOVY SVET material.

and even more important: anybody who got information on the copy of the fake-BILD (newspaper) used by HIS DIVINE GRACE during their show at the second HR!-festival in vienna, should also get in touch with the webmaster. NOVY SVET are desperately in search of this unique relict.

thanks for your attention


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