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16-08-2005, 09:27 |

Boyd Rice, Allerseelen, Waldteufel, Changes - live in Portugal!

Für den Herbst in Europa stehen neue Konzerte im portugiesischen Sintra an:

September 24, 2005

Guest STALKER VITKI (Portugal)

Local: Sintra > Quinta da Regaleira > Sala do Gerador
Price: € 20,00 (Terra Fria TF005 included)
Deadline for reservations: September 2, 2005 [just a few reservations available]

For this event, Terra Fria will release a book with texts by Boyd Rice and M. Janeiro. This publication will be bilingual. A meeting for the release of this edition will be held on the same day and location of the show, at 15:00h, and will be restricted to those who have booked reservations for the concert. Since the release of the book will take place during the Quinta's opening hours, all those wishing to attend this meeting are required to acquire the regular entrance ticket to the Quinta (€ 5,00).


October 22, 2005

Guests ALLERSEELEN (Austria) and WOLFSKIN (Portugal)

Local: Sintra
Price: € 20,00 (Terra Fria TF006 included)
Deadline for reservations: September 30, 2005


November 12, 2005


Most probably we will also have a guest for this event. More information will be available soon.

Local: Sintra
Price: € 20,00 (Terra Fria TF007 included)
Deadline for reservations: October 14, 2005

Attendance will be limited to 100 places for all events.
The price for all three events is € 50,00.
This amount must be paid until September 2, 2005.
Reservations and information email:

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