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Coil Bücherverkauf

Auch wenn von uns sicher die wenigsten das nötige wirkliche Interesse oder gar das Geld für derlei Einkäufe mitbringen, möchte ich hier auf eine, um die Thematik Thelema, Crowley, Spare kreisende, Bücherverkaufsliste aus dem Privatbesitz des verstorbenen Jhonn Balance (COIL) aufmerksam machen. Bei Interesse sollte man sehr schnell zuschlagen!
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1) Items from the Coil Collection
2) Abbreviations
3) Terms and Payment Methods

Items from the Coil Collection.

Coil have been at the cutting edge of experimental music for over two
decades. Comprised of John Balance and Sleazy and others their music
has consistently explored occult and magical themes. The two core
members have also been members of, or closely associated with, Throbbing
Gristle, Psychic TV, Current 93 and were founder members of Temple of
Psychic Youth. There work has always been challenging and avante-garde.
Tragically, John Balance, died following an accidental fall at his home.
An excellent obituary by William Breeze can be found at the highly
recommended http://www.lashtal.com site (which is, incidentally, is real
service to Thelema):-

Personally I will always remember John for his kindness and compassion.

Coil were always doing more than making music, they were advancing and
exploring culture. As part of this process they built up a library with
significant holdings in unusual occult items. The following list is
entirely made up of items from the Coil collection.


Frater Achad, Chalice of Ecstasy, Being the Inmost Secret of Parzival by
a Companion of the Holy Grail, Yogi 1923 1st Ed 82pp Handsome gilt
blocked design of dove descending into chalice, frontispiece diagram VG
Order No. 300074 £75

Anon, Southeran's Catalogue, No. 1016 Manuscripts, Autographs,
Historical Documents, 1991 20pp card covered booklet. Has half page
description of a Crowley letter and two typescripts F Order No. 300057

Anon, The Book of the High Magick Art, Skullduggery Press Not Dated
(modern) 42pp card covered booklet. Informed description of the Paris
Working, the series of sex magick working undertaken by Crowley and
Neuburg in 1913 which includes discussion of OTO sex magick generally
VG+ Order No. 300123 £20

William Sims Bainbridge, Satan's Power, A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult, U.
of California Press 1st Ed 312pp Important study of the Process Church
(referred to in the text as "the Power". The author studied the Process
as a participant observer and this work is based on many interviews with
ex-members and uses internal documents etc. F in F DW Order No. 300017

Martin Booth, A Magickal Life, A Biography of Aleister Crowley, H. & S.
2000 xv + 507pp Plates F in F DW Order No. 300042 £25

C.R. Cammell, Aleister Crowley, The Black Magician, NEL 1969 109pp
Paperback edition of work which, in hardback had subtitle describing
A.C. as Man, Mage & Poet! Author wanted to balance what he perceived as
the negativity of the Great Beast by John Symonds G+ Order No. 300033

Peter Carroll, Liber Kaos, The Psychonomicon, Self Published not dated
This being number 195 of 400 copies of the, the 1st Ed. Paperback 192pp
Issued for novices and members of the Illuminates of Thanateros F Order
No. 300072 £40

John Carter, Sex and Rockets, The Occult World of Jack Parsons, Feral
House 1999 1st Ed xxv + 229pp Illus Author actually Paul Rydeen.
Excellent & lively account of one of the post Crowley Thelemites whose
life, and death, are truly shrouded in mystery. F in DW which has 1.5
inch tear Order No. 300070 £15

Andrew Chumbley, One, The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Xoanon 2000 No.
27 on Ltd. Ed of 77 64pp Full leather binding. The scarcest published
Cultus Sabbatai book. It gives the ancient ritual involving the
crucifixion of a toad that has been associated with the Guild of the
Horseman's Word. A homely yet handsome and talismanic production. One of
77 copies, signed by author with his magical name and an ornate sigil.
This copy lacks the usual talisman but in compensation has an additional
32 word handwritten poetic inscription on front free endpaper and
another 11 word inscription with sigil on rear free endpaper. Boards
slightly bowed as is usual with this title, otherwise F Order No.
300062 £1200

Julian Cope, Discover Odin, Two Evenings with Julian Cope, British
Museum 2001 9pp Illustrated booklet plus CD. No. 81 of ltd. Ed of 1000
signed by Julian Cope F Order No. 300121 £25

Aleister Crowley, 777, & Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley,
Weiser 1982 (xiv) + 50pp + xxvii + 155 + (xiv) + 69pp Has Introduction
by Israel Regardie. This copy has, in the hand of John Balance "Era
Vugaris 1983 Aug 17th…..For Learning not show. It then has stamped on
front free end paper the lamen of the OTO plus psychic cross of TOPY VG+
in VG DW Order No. 300103 £35

Aleister Crowley, Alexandra, Mandrake Press 1991 (1st Ed?) Numbered Ltd
Ed of 350, this being copy 71 F in F DW Order No. 300082 £35

Aleister Crowley, Alexandra, Mandrake 1991 (1st Ed?) Numbered Ltd Ed of
350, this being copy 77. 24 leaves printed on one side. Gilt stamped
design on front cover. Introduction by Keith Richmond . Written around
1906 no copy of the first edition appears to have survived. It was
either never published or else seized by His Majesties Customs for
obscenity or lese-majeste F in F DW Order No. 300024 £35

Aleister Crowley, Amphora, First Impressions 1993 Prelims. + 82pp 7ins x
5ins.. Facsimile of Victor Neuberg's copy reproducing his signature and
Crowley's handwritten annotations which are quite delicious. The text
was originally published anonymously as a nun's devotions to the Virgin
Mary but is replete with lewd and pagan subtext. Includes an invocation
of Isis written for Mathers F Order No. 300092 £30

Aleister Crowley, Amrita, Thelema 1990 78pp Deluxe edition bound in full
leather with endpapers of handmade coloured paper. All edges gilt.
Introduction Martin Starr Deals with the Elixir of Life central to the
O.T.O.. Also has his relevant essay On Food. Coloured frontispiece.
Important out of print work, while much is known about the formulae of
Crowley's understanding of OTO sex magic, this is very useful
description of a context in which he proposed to practice the work..
This copy has signed inscription by the publisher, Helen Parsons Smith,
to John Balance F Order No. 300079 £225

Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies, Weiser 1981 Paperback Illustrated 196pp.
Neatly inscribed with the Temple of Psychic Youth Psychic Cross plus
"14:8:82 W / 93 London" indicating it was acquired by John Balance when
he was a member of Current 93 VG Order No. 300043 £20

Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth, Weiser 1985 Paperback xii + 287pp
Illustrated including coloured plates. Forming Equinox Vol.III No.5,
A.C.'s discussion of the structure & symbolism of his tarot pack is
without comparison. This copy has signature of John Balance in gold ink
with acquisition dates (16 9 86 ev plus the mars/male sign G+ Order No.
300032 £20

Aleister Crowley, Commentaries on the Holy Books, Equinox Vol.IV No.1,
Weiser 1996 x + 382pp Coloured plates. Truly excellent archival research
by the editor, Hymenaeus Beta presents previously unpublished A.'.A.'.
material, the original illuminated manuscript of Liber Pyramidos,
dramatic Illustrations by J.F.C.Fuller, a system of robes for A.'.A.'.
grades etc Coloured Plates. Inscribed by the editor, using his civilian
name, to John Balance F in VG+ DW Order No. 300004 £75

Aleister Crowley, Complete Astrological Writings , Tandem 1976 Small
format 235pp paperbackEd Kenneth Grant & John Symonds This copy has John
Balance's inscription "14 9 82 London Via 93" together with the psychic
cross of Psychic TV G+ Order No. 300034 £20

Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend, , Dove not dated (1970) x +
368pp This copy is signed by Kenneth Anger, the publisher, and has
acquisition inscription "26 VII 86 e.v. Laevna Beach California" plus
sigil in triangle of inverted dots. One page is marked by having a
corner folded and some passages have been emphasised with penned dots
and lines, one phrase underlined. VG in G only DW (chipped and rather
discoloured) Order No. 300052 £90

Aleister Crowley, Energised Enthusiasm , Weiser 1979 34pp card covered
booklet of this important allegorical text. Has acquisition date
"27.8?81" neatly penned in VG Order No. 300021 £7

Aleister Crowley, Gems from the Equinox, Instructions by Aleister
Crowley for his own Magical Order, Llewellyn 1974 1st Ed xxxiv + 1134pp
Plates Edited and Introduction by Israel Regardie handsome red leather
like binding with stamped decoration in silver. This copy has three
ownership inscriptions. Jaqueline McKernall; Frater Faro 93 II degree
O.T.O./ 28 VIII 1982 ev Sun in Scorpio An LXXVIII; John Balance 24.6.84
(Sun) London VG Order No. 300053 £60

Aleister Crowley, Golden Twigs, Teitan 1988 8 tales 1st pub.
pseudonymously in the International, exploring themes akin to those of
Golden Bough. Gilt blocked design xv + 152pp high production values
Excellent Intro by Martin Starr F in F DW Order No. 300059 £25

Aleister Crowley, Holy Books, Sangreal 1972 Paperback Intro by Israel
Regardie 116pp This copy has acquisition inscription:- "(Psychic Cross
of Temple of Psychic Youth) - 14:9:82 w/93 London" This indicates it was
acquired by John Balance when he was a member of Current 93 VG Order No.
300058 £25

Aleister Crowley, Hymn to the American People, not issued 1978 7in
45rpm one sided acetate on "Emidisc" recording blank. This was recorded
onto a one off acetate from the original recording of Crowley's voice
Crowley's voice. It was not issued then but did appear in the mid 1980s
on two LPs, the Hastings Archive and an untitled LP with Crowley
pointing a finger on the cover. It is possible that this may represent
the best example of the Beast speaking this poem M in F plain paper
sleeve Order No. 300112 £175

Aleister Crowley, Konx Om Pax, Walter Scott 1907 1st Ed Limited Ed of
500 copies, this copy being unnumbered. xii + 108pp + 12pp adverts. Top
edge gilt. This copy does not have the frontispiece plate which appears
to have never been present. It is bound in white buckram with the title
strikingly blocked in gilt such as it can only be read by looking at the
book at an acute angle. Not long after the publication of this book
Crowley met Spare who used a similar technique for his "sidereal
portraits". The condition is remarkably clean and bright. Some bubbling
to the cloth on rear board which is not unknown with this title but
overall near F Order No. 300120 £420

Aleister Crowley, Law is for All, The Authorised Popular Commentary to
The Book of the Law, New Falcon 1996 Paperback 302pp Edited by Louis
WIlkinson & Hymenaeus Beta Xth OTO Importantly presents the Wilkinson
Introduction, instructive as he was IXth OTO Reproduction of Ms of
Liber Al & Crowley's comments Cold Plates of Stele of Revealing F Order
No. 300010 £12

Aleister Crowley, Liber Al vel Legis, Looking Glass 1996 No. 254 of a
limited Edition of 333 copies. Paperback 101pp Swedish translation of
Book of the law, also reproduces the original manuscript VG+ Order No.
300102 £25

Aleister Crowley, Liber Al vel Legis, ? ? Modern Japanese translation of
the book faux leather binding with very colourful illustration protected
by clear plastic dustwrapper 286pp. Reproduces the manuscript of the
Book of the Law and is printed in black and red. The majority of the
pages are held in a thin card seal which would have to be cut to be able
to open them. Presumably this relates to the idea that the study of the
book being forbidden. F Order No. 300071 £30

Aleister Crowley, Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom or Folly, Thelema 1961
1st Ed Large format (11ins x 5ins) 219pp The book was issued by Karl
Germer at the moment of the autumn equinox with the assistance of
Marcelo Motta who is chastised in the errata slip (here present) for
the minor errors made. This copy belonged to Kenneth Anger who had it
rebound by Sanskorski and Sutcliffe, Crowley's favoured binders. It is
bound in full white vellum, gilt stamped with the same die as used in
for the first editions of Book of Lies and the Holy Books, the same
Egyptian motif decorated paper that was used for the first edition of
Book of Thoth is used for the endpapers. The front pastedown has a
leather label affixed with simply "ANGER" and the winged scarab beetle
design from the Winged Beetle gilt stamped. All edges are gilt. The
frontispiece photographic plate has not been included an the chapter
headings have been bound in at the back of the book, presumably for
aesthetic reasons. All contained in a substantial clothbound slipcase. A
truly talismanic book F in F slipcase Order No. 300027 £950

Aleister Crowley, Liber XXI, Khing Kang King, Thelema 1974 Small format
21 leaves printed on one side. Frontispiece of drawing by Crowley.
Printed in blue ink and bound in blue cloth a handsome production indeed
Mint Order No. 300011 £40

Aleister Crowley, Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley, Weiser 1996
Paperback xvi + 251pp Covers much of 1923 in Tunis, following his
expulsion from Italy by Mussolini. Has dated ownership inscription of
John Balance (dated 12/96e.v.) plus, in same purple ink an inverted
cross of six squares on contents page F Order No. 300009 £25

Aleister Crowley, Magick, In Theory & Practice, Castle Not dated xxvii +
436pp Facsimile of 1st Ed VG in G DW Order No. 300096 £18

Aleister Crowley, Magick, Liber ABA; Book 4 Parts 1-4 Ed Anno Intro
Hymenaeus Beta, Weiser 1997 2nd Revised Edition 894pp (larger format
than 1994 Ed) lxxxiv + 844pp Pls Inc 1st Pub of the A.'.A.'. text Liber
Testis Testitudinis Monumental work of editorialship presents the full
work with all 4 parts (It includes Equinox for the Gods). Reaffirms of
the often forgotton contribution of the women that assisted Crowley,
Mary Desti & Leila Waddell. Pls include two coloured images of Stele of
Revealing. This copy has has inscription to the two members of Coil from
the editor as Hymenaeus Beta with the Xth degree OTO cross plus his
civilian name F in F DW Order No. 300077 £80

Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears, Llewellyn 1973 xxxv + 522pp Ed &
Intro by Israel Regardie. Series of essays which catch Crowley at his
most mature. This copy has a previous owners discreet address label on
front free endpaper plus an acquisition date 25 - VII - 85 ("ev" added
in pencil and below an inverted triangle of dots with sigil. VG+ clean
copy in VG minus (crease down spine, some rubbing) DW Order No. 300018

Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, Weiser 1970 335pp VG in G DW that is
chipped and rubbed Order No. 300038 £25

Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, Sphere 1972 Paperback 301pp Has the OP
Grant & Symonds footnotes informing the reader who Crowley is libelling
in this important occult novel involving a crucial magical formulae.
Introduction by Kenneth Grant sound reading copy Order No. 300090 £5

Aleister Crowley, One Sovereign for Woman, , not dated (1976) 7in 45rpm
one sided acetate on "Emidisc" recording blank. This was recorded onto a
one off acetate from the original recording Crowley's voice. It was not
issued then but did appear in the mid 1980s on two LPs, the Hastings
Archive and an untitled LP with Crowley pointing a finger on the cover.
It is possible that this may represent the best example of the Beast
speaking this poem, which was first published in the Winged Beetle
(1910) M in F plain sleeve Order No. 300111 £175

Aleister Crowley, Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist, of Shiraz
(Bagh-I-Muatter), Teitan 1991 Facsimile of 1st Ed 137pp. Introduction
Martin Starr. Original edition was largely destroyed by the Her
Majesty's Cusoms and Excise who were never fans of Crowley's works.
Classic homo-erotic text dealing with Sufi mysteries. Very nicely
produced F Order No. 300081 £25

Aleister Crowley, Scrutinies of Simon Iff, Teitan Press 1987 Taoist
detective yarns Frontis. xviii + 180pp Intro by Martin Star F in F DW
Order No. 300065 £25

Aleister Crowley, Songs of the Spirit, ,S.P.R.T. 1905 Small format x +
109pp. Paper covered boards, quarter buckram binding with paper label on
spoine. Poems include the Alchemist, Initiation, The Philosophers
Progress, Succubus, Visions of the Ordeal, Astrology. Written prior to
his joining the Golden Dawn these poems are the earliest expressions of
his spiritual and occult endeavour, one can already observe the core
themes of his system! Crowley's own edition, printed at the Chiswick
Press spine a bit darkened but VG Order No. 300119 £220

Aleister Crowley, Soul of the Desert, Thelema 1974 Small format 22
leaves printed on one side, tinted paper VG Order No. 300117 £20

Aleister Crowley, The Banned Lecture, Gilles de Rais, Barker 1982 Small
format card covered, booklet 24pp Introduction by A.J.Barker and this
copy has a very substantial penned inscription by him, initialled with
considerable flourish F Order No. 300031 £10

Aleister Crowley, The Fish, Mandrake 1992 1st Ed. No. 550 of Ltd Ed. of
750. Excellent Intro. by Lawrence Sutin. Appendix presents Book of the
Cephlapodeum Working, act of sex magick intended to aid C.C.'s work on
the Comment to Liber Al, that remained difficult but this uncompleted
novel poured forth. Has A.C's notes for the ending Frontis 122pp M in F
DW Order No. 300005 £20

Aleister Crowley, The Revival of Magic, & Other Essays, The Oriflamme 2,
New Falcon/OTO Paperback 240pp Ed Hymenaeus Beta & Richard Kaczynski
Excellent collection of essays drawn from contempory journals and much
previously unpublished material, primarily from the Warburg. Has
enclosed 2pp printed letter from head of the O.T.O. sent out to OTO
members, associates and supporters with the book. F+ Order No. 300086

Aleister Crowley, The Voice of Aleister Crowley, La Gitana / Pentagram,
Forum / Marabo 1976 45 rpm 7in vinyl single. This is the first ever
publication of Crowley's voice which was recorded in the 1940's using an
early form of magnetic tape. He recites two poems La Gitana, which first
appeared in Konx Om Pax in 1907. Clearly Crowley retained a liking for
the poem as he included iit in the last book published before his death,
Olla. The other poem, the Pentagram was dedicated to George Raffolovich.
It first appeared in the Winged Beetle in 1910 but again Crowley
retained a liking for it and used it in his 1941 publication Thumbs Up.
The B Side has Scarlet Woman by Chakra which consists of Kenneth Grant,
Mike Magee (then the second most prominent member of the Typhonian
O.T.O.) and two colleagues named Ponton and Ayers). This is the only
publication of this invocation of the Goddess. Enclosed is a sheet
printed on one side giving information. The thin card sleeve has artwork
by Steffi Grant (incorporating the OTO and AA lamens) plus on the other
side artwork by Jan Bailey who went on to become Jan Magee F in F
sleeve Order No. 300109 £75

Aleister Crowley, The Wild Ass, Kephra Press Small format Bklt 8pp
Printed by Sothis (associated with Typhonian OTO) Press No. Ltd Ed of
150. Originally published by Crowley under the pseudonymn Alys Cusack
which he usd for his gay persona so the title may have a subtext! This
copy, No. 138 is a curiosity as it does not have the usual card covers
and there is no evidence to suugest it ever had them F Order No. 300107

Aleister Crowley, Various Hymns, Not issued 1976 7in 45rpm one sided
acetate on "Emidisc" recording blank. This was recorded onto a one off
acetate from the original recording Crowley's voice. It was not issued
then but did appear in the mid 1980s on two LPs, the Hastings Archive
and an untitled issue with Crowley pointing a finger on the cover. Given
that, carefully kept, a record retains its quality whilst magnetic tape
can deteriote because of magnetic fields it is possible that this may
represent the bext example of the Beast speaking these Collects from the
Gnostic Mass. M in F plain paper sleeve in F card sleeve Order No.
300113 £175

Aleister Crowley, Vision and the Voice, Sangreal 1972 Paperback 261pp
Into & explanation of footnotes by israel Regardie. Crowley's
exploration of Dee's Enochian magic VG Order No. 300088 £12

Aleister Crowley, Winged Beetle, Teitan Press 1992 x + 228pp handsomely
bound with gilt stamped design & useful introduction by Martin Starr.
This copy has an inscription from Martin Starr to John Balance F Order
No. 300030 £60

Amado Crowley, Riddles of Aleister Crowley, Diamond 1992 Paperback 187pp
Amusing spuriousity F Order No. 300078 £13.5

Amado Crowley, Secrets of Aleister Crowley, Diamond 1991 Paperback 182pp
Curious spuriosity F Order No. 300089 £12

Aleister Crowley & Frater 137, Source Book 93, , Stellar Vision /OTO
1981 Card covers (vii) 40pp Gives an annotated list of Crowley's works,
plus some by related authors, intended for the Thelemic student. Very
useful and also something of a very useful historical document. Printed
by Bill Heidrick F Order No. 300022 £32

Aleister Crowley (Ed. Intro & some Illus.), Goetia, Weiser 1995
Paperback xxvi + 134pp Reproduces some of Crowley Illus from the First
Impressions edition. Useful Intro by Hymenaeus Beta F Order No. 300087

Aleister Crowley (Trans Intro & Comment), Tao Te Ching, Liber CLVII,
Weiser 1995 Pb xvi + 112pp Oringinally intended as Equinox Vol.III No.8
but not published in A.C.'s lifetime Editorial foreword by Hymenaeus
Beta Frontispiece F Order No. 300091 £12

Aleister Crowley and others, The Equinox, Vol.III No.10, OTO / Thelema
1986 1st Ed Paperback 287pp F Order No. 300054 £20

Arkon Daraul, A History of Secret Societies, Citadel not dated (1980s?)
Paperback 256pp Some illustrations The author in fact is Idris Shah.
Some of the traditions relating to secret societies are important. The
study includes Knights Templars, Assassins, Yezidee, Witches, devotees
of the Guardian Angel, Rosicrucians, Illuminated Ones etc VG Order No.
300094 £12

John Dee, Essential readings, Selected & Introduced by Gerald Suster,
Crucible 1986 Paperback 157pp Ownership signature of John Balance VG
Order No. 300076 £25

James DeMeo, The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, Construction Plans,
Experimental Use & Protection Against Toxic Energy, Natural Energy Works
1989 155 pp Paperback not to be confused with booket of same title
Illus. Out of Print F Order No. 300020 £15

Nevill Drury, Occult Experience, Hale 1987 1st Ed ix + 155pp Very useful
for account of modern occultists, notably Temple of Set, Michael
Bertioux and modern Wiccan & pagans Plates OP F in VG DW Order No.
300099 £15

Nevill Drury, Pan's Daughter, The Magical World of Rosaleen Norton,
Mandrake 1993 Paperback xiii + 154pp F Order No. 300051 £8

Nevill Drury, Shaman and the Magician, Journeys Between the Worlds, RKP
1982 1st Ed Paperback xii + 129pp Illustrated. World of the Shaman;
Shamanic Trance; Magical Symbols and ceremonial; Techniques of Magical
Trance; From Atavistic Resurgence to the Inner Light; postscript &
appendices F Order No. 300025 £13.5

Neville Drury, Inner Visions, Explorations in Magical Consciousness, RKP
1970 Paperback 142pp Plates Discusses magical perceptions as they have
coalesced in the 20th Century before discussing their relationship with
art, particularly surrealism and fantasy art, and modern music VG Order
No. 300069 £12

Ramsey Dukes (ED.), Thundersqueak, Or Confessions of a Right Wing
Anarchist being the Suicide writings of Liz & Ambrose Lea, T.M.T.S. 1989
Card covers ix + 133pp Library stamp on title page and cover appears to
have been reinforced with clear plastic VG Order No. 300045 £8

Jean Overton Fuller, Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg, A Biography,
Mandrake 1990 Paperback 256pp Plates Excellent & important account with
considerable information re Crowley's homosexual sex magic. Includes the
Paris Working. Signed inscription by author to John Balance dated 24th
Dec. 1996. Also ownership inscription by John Balance dated 13 .2. 90ev
(with saturn sign) VG+ Order No. 300050 £25

Jean Overton Fuller, The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuberg, , Allen 1965
1st Ed xv + 295pp Plates. Excellent biography of the poet giving a
substantial & independent account of Neuberg's dealings with Crowley. An
important work in field of gay sex magick. Signed and dated inscription
by author to John Balance Top edge of pages slightly spotted but VG in
VG DW Order No. 300073 £60

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, The Occult Roots of Nazism, The Ariosophists
of Austria and Germany 1890 - 1935, Aquarian 1985 1st Ed x + 293pp
Plates. The most authoritative work on the subject. This copy has the
two page press release describing the book plus the striking ownership
signature of John Balance F in F DW Order No. 300003 £45

Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God, Muller 1973 1st Ed.
Plates 245pp Chapter headings include the Scarlet Woman; the Tantric
Element of the OTO; Dream Control by Sexual Magick; Sabbatic Wine & the
Devil's Graal; the Witches Sabbath & the Reincarnation of Primal
Obsessions; Atavisms. Has ownership signature of John Balance with an
inverted triangle of three dots that may also be sixes. Has stamp of
Sigil of the Beast and then "LONDON. 24.6.84 J. BALANCE" with the symbol
of the sun appearing next to the date VG in a dustwrapper which is very
rubbed and very chipped around edges, has a two inch and one inch tear
plus some marks Order No. 300012 £75

Kenneth Grant, Beyond the Mauve Zone, Starfire An.95 No. 42 of 71 deluxe
copies signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant Quarter leather binding with
boards covered in a handsome, predominantly silver coloured paper. xii +
367pp Cold Frontis Pls Seeks to revitalise OTO sex magick formulae by
reconnecting with Indian tantric teachings, he describes the contacting
of praeter-human intelliegnces & the new initiatory Current associated
with the Aeon of Maat. Aside from historical information concerning
Crowley, Frater Achad and the development of Thelema here is new
information concerning the workings of the Typhonian OTO in Britain &
Eastern Europe and its relationship with the work of Nema and Michael
Bertiaux. Spiced with Typhonian artwork & intricate Gemetria M in F DW
Order No. 300015 £185

Kenneth Grant, Black to Black, Carfax not dated Card covers 200pp
booklet, poor quality bootleg reprint which misses some of the notes F
Order No. 300063 £25

Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadow, Muller 1975 1st Ed viii + 244pp
Plates One of the foundation stones of the Typhonian Current. This copy
has neat ownership inscription of John Balance. VG in a DW which is
somewhat rubbed around the edges, it is slightly chipped at the top of
the spine Order No. 300006 £70

Kenneth Grant, Hecate's Fountain, ,Skoob 1992 288pp Plates Gives an
account of the workings of the Nu-Isis Lodge under Grant, plus his
Necronomic interpretation of the Book of the Law Now out of print F in
F DW Order No. 300007 £65

Kenneth Grant, Il Globo Stellare, Privately published 2001 No. Ltd. Ed.
Of 300, this being number 39. Card covers 81pp. Italian translation of
the Stellar Lode. A handsome and tasteful production. Cover carries a
coloured picture by Seffi Grant which may be Kenneth Grant scrying into
a crystal with two women looking on. This copy has signed inscription to
John Balance from the publisher Roberto Migliussi F Order No. 300046

Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden, Skoob 1994 xiv + 304pp Plates Grimoire
of the qulippoth, a work that has achieved some noteriety! F in F DW
Order No. 300105 £20

Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways, Skoob 1994 1st 264pp Plates Has ownership
inscription of John Balance, the "J" forming an arrow akin to the
mars/male sign. The inscription continues "1st June 94e.v. The Day of
Inclusions & the Day of Exclusions" F in F DW Order No. 300013 £40

Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time, Muller 1980 1st & only Ed
Plates xii + 316pp pages Occasional pencilled underlining, paper
yellowing as usual with this title otherwise F in VG DW Order No.
300016 £150

Kenneth Grant, Snakewand and the Darker Strain, Starfire winter solstice
2000ev No. 23 of 55 deluxe copies bound in quarter goatskin with a
predominantly gold coloured paper covered boards, signed by Kenneth and
Steffi Grant. 168pp Frontispiece plate by Austin Osman Spare.
Dustwrapper design by Steffi Grant. This copy has the additional
inscription on title page in Kenneth Grant's hand "This copy…for John
Balance with Voodoo Greetings 29th May '01e.v." followed with a triangle
of inverted dots F in VG DW Order No. 300014 £200

Kenneth Grant, The Gull's Beak, None given, not dated Card covered
booklet 26pp bootleg with low production values F Order No. 300084 £25

Kenneth Grant, The Magical Revival, Muller 1972 1st Ed 244pp Plates The
first of the threetyphonian trilogies which represent a truly
remarkable achievement in the field of modern occultism Simulated
leather binding. VG in DW which is rubbed and chipped around edges
Order No. 300008 £110

Ponton, Ayers, Mike Magee & Kenneth Grant (Chakra), Thelema, Red White
and Black / Occult Chant, Unpublished 1976 7in 33 rpm acetate. Two
sided. Recorded at the same time as the first ever issued "Crowley
Speaks" record but never released. Very rare example of Typhonian sound
work. Recorded on an "Emidisc" recording blank in a paper sleeve
carrying the label of Forum records M in VG sleeve Order No. 300110

Philip Heselton, Wiccan Roots, Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft
Revival, Capall Bann 2000 Paperback 338pp Illustrated Much doubt has
been cast upon Gardner's account of the New Forest Coven and witchcraft
rituals to oppose Hitler however this remarkable invention finds that
whilst Gardner was weaving glamours the threads her was using were very
real. The author convincingly argues that yes, Gardner made up the
Wiccan initiations but also yes, Gardner was initiated. He identifies
probable members of the Coven and gives investigates their background,
conjuring a real flavour of the times. He speculates as to who may have
been involved in the wartime rituals. Students of the history of modern
paganism are indebted to him F Order No. 300114 £15

Keith Hogg, 666 Bibliotheca Crowleyana, Catalogue of a unique Collection
of Books, Pamphlets, Proof Copies, mss etc by, about, or connected with
Aleister Crowley formed, and with an Introductory Essay by Major General
J.F.C. Fuller, Hogg 1966 1st Ed 28pp Booklet. Has 7pp introduction by
J.F.C. Fuller, written in 1966 it is basically his last word on Crowley.
This catalogue of his collection is excellent for information relating
to bindings etc. The collection went to the Harry Ransom Library at the
University of Texas at Austin F Order No. 300106 £35

Roger Hutchinson, Aleister Crowley, The Beast Demystified, Mainstream
1998 1st Ed 216pp An agnostic view of Crowley F in F DW Order No.
300002 £15

Francis King, Ritual Magic in England, 1887 to the Present Day, Neville
Spearman 1970 1st Ed 223pp Plates Lucid account Golden Dawn and its
offshoots, O.T.O., Dion Fortune and the witchcult, Order of the Cubic
Stone. Much interesting material VG in G (chipped & rubbed) DW Order
No. 300100 £35

Francis King (relating to Aleister Crowley), The Magical World of
Aleister Crowley, , Weidenfield & Nicholson 1977 1st Ed 210pp Plates.
Accessible, lucid and very useful out of print description of A.C.'s sex
magick with clear account of contents of Liber Agape. Has ownership
signature of John Balance with acquisition date. Book is ex-library,
stamp on reverse of title page, dustwrapper protected and taped to
pastedowns, overall G+ in G+ DW Order No. 300106 £15

Donald Michael Kraig, 11 Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, Llewelllyn
1992 Paperback xvi + 557pp Excellent introduction to ritual magick G+
Order No. 300028 £12

Jaques Lacarriere, The Gnostics, City Lights 1991 Paperback 136pp F
Order No. 300044 £10

Donald Laycock, Complete Enochian Dictionary, A Dictionary of the
Angelic Language as revealed to Dr.John Dee & Edward Kelly, Askin 1978
1st Ed 272pp Striking gilt blocked design. Has Stephen Skinners prefaces
& the excellent linguistic analysis of Enochian by Laycock. No
dustwrapper, as issued. VG+ Order No. 300066 £55

Richard Alan Miller, Magical & Ritual Use of Herbs, Destiny Books 1983
Paperback 160pp Concentrates on psychoactive plants F Order No. 300026

Norman Mudd, Open Letter to Lord Beaverbrook, Not dated (1923) 1st Ed
16pp leaflet. Following press accusations as to Crowley's activities in
Cefalu Mudd issued this missive defending Crowley and demanding action.
Some browning outer leaf, some folds VG Order No. 300108 £135

Victor Neuberg, Triumph of Pan, Skoob 1989 Ltd. Ed of 500 copies,
facsimile of the 1st edition published by Crowley under the Equinox
imprint. Has 14pp introduction by Caroline Robertson M in F slipcase
Order No. 300039 £28

Victor E. Neuburg, Vickybird, A Memoir by his Son, Polytechnic of North
London 1983 1st Ed. Has useful bibliography Scarce out of print booklet
14pp Pencilled ownership inscription with acquisition date by John
Balance F Order No. 300080 £20

Rodney Orpheus, Abrahadabra, A Beginner's Guide to Thelemic Magic,
Looking Glass 1995 Paperback 197pp Mr. & Mrs. Orpheus's little boy
Rodney provides a book which does exactly what it says on the cover -
provides an excellent and sound introduction to Thelemic Magic Now out
of print and scarce. Has publicity sheet from publisher enclosed F
Order No. 300019 £30

Nigel Pennick, Pagan Book of Days, Destiny 1992 paperback 152pp VG
Order No. 300040 £10

Trevor Ravenscroft, Spear of Destiny, The Occult Power behind the Spear
which Pierced the Side of Christ, Neville Spearman 1972 1st Ed. Xxii +
362pp Plates Extraordinary & controversial account of Nazi occultism VG
in VG DW Order No. 300101 £25

Israel Regardie, Eye in the Triangle, An Interpretation of Aleister
Crowley, New Falcon 1986 Paperback ix + 517pp Excellent for earlier part
of Crowley's life, a mature appreciation by one who knew his flaws VG
Order No. 300001 £12

Israel Regardie, How to Make & Use Talismans, Aquarian 1981 64pp
Paperback F Order No. 300067 £12

Israel Regardie, The Complete Golden Dawn, System of Magic, New Falcon
1994 Large format (11ins x 8ins) Coloured. Plates + 1044pp Illustrated.
The best edition in terms of text F in VG DW Order No. 300095 £60

C.F. Russell, Book Chameleon, A New Version of the Favorite Book of
Confucius, Self Pub. 1940 1st Ed Small format card covers 66pp. Author
practiced sexual magick with Crowley at Cefalu before founding the
Choronzon Club in the USA F, near Mint condition Order No. 300083 £75

Paul Rydeen, Jack Parsons & the Fall of Babalon, Crash Collusion 1995
1st Excellent 80pp card covered booklet with an eye for the magick of
Parson's life, & death F Order No. 300085 £32

Gavin Semple, Study for a Portrait of Frank Letchford, , Fulgur 2002
Printed card dustwrapper, Card covers 42pp Illustrated. Has considerable
information relating to Austen Osman Spare, including illsutrations of
his work. This copy has signed inscription from the publisher noting
that it is one of only 8 copies returned by the printer of the defective
first issue. It is missing the front free endpaper and the pre-title
appears after the title page and it is printed on different paper F
Order No. 300064 £22

Ray Sherwin, Book of Results, I.O.T. 3rd Ed Ltd to 250 nd (early 1980's)
34pp card covered booklet. Very influential occult work which introduced
Sapre's technique of sigilisation to the occult community and was a
seminal text of Chaos Magic, this publication being issued by
Illuminated Order of Thanateros the first Chaos Magick Order VG minus
Order No. 300037 £60

Ray Sherwin, Theatre of Magick, Self Pub nd (c1982) Large format (10ins
x 7ins) card covers. Vi + 45pp with haunting photos reproduced.
Atmospheric publication by the independent spirit of Chaos Magic. John
Balance has signed and dated (11/8/ 85) his acquisition with a flourish
VG Order No. 300056 £60

Lance Sieveking (relating to Aleister Crowley), The Eye of the Beholder,
Hulton 1957 3112pp Plates 16pp chapter on Crowley, which also describes
a meeting with Gerald Yorke with some intriguing details VG in G DW
Order No. 300047 £12

Nevill Drury & Stephen Skinner, Search for Abraxas, Neville Spearman
1972 1st Ed xxi + 138pp Early classic by these noted authors, readable
yet excellent & insightful, exploring Qabalah, Spare, Surrealist &
phantasy art. Plates (4 by Spare) OP Scarce VG Order No. 300023 £35

Timothy D'Arch Smith (relating to Aleister Crowley), Books of the Beast,
Essays on Aleister Crowley, Montague Summers, Francis Barrett and
Others, Crucible 1987 1st Ed Paperback 128pp Frontispiece. This, the
first edition, has the essay on William Barrett missing from the later
edition. This copy is signed by author and has additional signed
inscription to Geoff (ie John Balance) VG Order No. 300041 £25

Austin Osman Spare, Book of Satyrs, Venus not dated (1989) Ltd. Edition.
The fourteen illustrations are reproduced as loose cards 6ins x 4ins.
The original introduction is abridged and reproduced on a folded sheet.
There is a further loose sheet giving publisher's details and the
number, this being number number 64. All contained in original clear
plastic wallet F Order No. 300035 £25

Austin Osman Spare, Bookplate of Dennis Bardens, in Eric Gill, Twenty
Five Nudes, Dent 1950 F bookplate in F book in G DW Order No. 300116

Austin Osman Spare, Bookplate of Pickford Waller in, E.H. Visiak,
Buccaneer Ballads, Elkin Matthews 1910 Small format, frontispiece 44pp.
Pickford Waller was one of the most prominent patrons of the early
Spare. Prelims have slight foxing which can just be seen to affect
bookplate but which is unobtrusive, book overall VG+ Order No. 300036

Gerald Suster, Legacy of the Beast, The Life, Work, & Influence of
Aleister Crowley, Allen 1988 1st Ed. 224pp Plates Enthusiastic biography
F in VG DW Order No. 300049 £30

John Symonds, King of the Shadow Realm, Aleister Crowley; his Life &
Magic, Duckworth 1989 xi + 588pp Plates. Symonds ambiguous view of the
Old Man, awake to his flaws but clearly fascinated. Many experienced
enchantment & then disenchantment with Crowley, Symonds treads a more
complex dance! F in VG DW Order No. 300104 £35

Various, American Aphrodite, Vol II No. 8, 1952 205pp Literary journal
edited by Samual Roth. Often veered into the field of erotica and a
number of issues were seized by the U.S.authorities,. This issue
reproduces two Austin Osman Spare illustrations G+ Order No. 300029 £18

Various, Ipsos, Transmissions from the Black Sun, Pan / DjaJouka Press
1999 No. 22 of 23 copies, signed by secretary of Black |Sun Lodge of
O.T.O., Blind stamped card covers 93pp, Japanese binding, very handsome
production with coloured embellishments. Articles include Frater MKYN -
Greater Ritual of the Pentagram; Frater RIKB - Black Moon Lillith /
Greek Gemetria and No. 93; Frater Demogorgon Rite of Misraim (excerpted
from Golden Fleece - History of Egyptian Freemasonry. Includes a
retrospective review of Coil's 1984 work Scatology F Order No. 300075

Various, Lucifer Rising, Athanor not dated (2000) Compilation CD with
14pp coloured booklet featuring artwork including one image by Spare.
Artists include Bobby Beausoleil, Ain Soph, Endura, Chod etc F Order
No. 300055 £12

Various, The Mandrake Press, 1929-30, Cambridge U. Library 1985 Card
covered 54pp 1st Ed Ltd to 300 Catalogue of Exhibition of Mandrake Press
titles & related correspondence here given substantial descriptions.
Emphasis on P.R.Stephenson & D.H.Lawrence but effectively a bibliography
of Mandrake titles with substantial background information which puts an
important episode of Crowley publishing endeavour into its proper
context. This copy has ownership inscription of John Balance F Order
No. 300060 £30

Baroness Adelma von Vay, Spirt, Force Matter, undated Manuscript 26
leaves, large format (13ins x 9ins) bound in limp faux leather binding
gilt stamped with words "Baroness von Vay's MS". She practiced crystal
skrying in Austria in the latter part of the 19th Century. This work was
received by means of Automatic writing over a period of 36 days in 1869.
It was published in Vienna a year later and was well received. She was
highly regarded by Madame Blavatsky and was active in Spiritualist
circles. The original manuscript has been lost. This manuscript is an
English translation in a legible copperplate hand which is not the
authors. It was produced some time after 1870 as it utilises the
diagrams from an early German edition, cut out and glued to the
manuscript. It would appear to be late 19th Century. The work itself
describes spirits being generated from God, the spirits being either
benevolent or malign. The process involved fluids (aether, or astral may
be relevant concepts) and involves a system of sacred geometry. Paper
somewhat browned, carefully repaired at some points VG Order No. 300122

Colin Wilson, Poltergeist, A Study in Destructive Haunting, NEL 1982
Paperback 382pp VG Order No. 300093 £5

Colin Wilson, The Occult, ,Granada 1984 Paperback 795pp Wide survey.
This copy has inscription of TOPY cross with acquisition date indicating
it was bought by John Balance G reading copy Order No. 300097 £12

Snoo Wilson, I, Crowley, Almost the Beast's Last Will and Testament 666,
Mandrake of Oxford 1997 1st Ed. 252pp paperback. Imaginative
exploration of fact and fiction, and identity with the Beast, to give an
insightful image of the Old Man which is forthright about his flaws F
Order No. 300061 £15


2) Abbreviations
1st Ed = First edition; Fine = Fine (ie almost as new) G = Good (ie
clearly secondhand); Illus. = Illustrated; LF = Large format; TOPY =
Temple of Psychic Youth; pp = Pages; VG = Very Good (is some signs of
wear and age)

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