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Bei NEKOFUTSCHATA + Umfeld geht man immer wieder spärlich mit Neuigkeiten um. Hier ein paar kurze Anhaltspunkte, bis demnächst hoffentlich Genaueres feststeht:
Autor: Roy Liebscher

Hello there,

The hundreds of mails all of you were sending in, in hope to reach NOVỲ SVET, are now forwarded to the group in their Catalan residence. Please be patient with any reaction....

NOVỲ SVET will play one of their few 2005-concerts April 11th in TOKYO. Details are to be posted soon. other groups playing that night will be AIT! and the beautifully named LUFTWAFFE. Details will be posted as soon as I have got them. It is very unlikely that NOVỲ SVET will play any concerts in Europe this year.....sorry for that. This means we will have to climb in some fuckin' plane....

J. Weber has forwarded to me a death-list of names....let's see who will be the first to say goodbye.....

RAFFAELE CERRONI has just left Vienna, after his highly successful exhibition and inauguration concert. Regarding to witnesses this was a remarkable night and it is said that the new CD WATER ranges among the best albums of the group. Though I have not listened to it yet, I can recommend it to all fans of NOVỲ SVET as it features (again) extensive input by J. Weber. A new MP-album is in its first production steps.

WERMUT, NOVỲ SVET -collaborators on FIN. FINITO. INFINITO, have just released their 2nd 10" on TREUE UM TREUE (Germany). According to J. Weber - sorry, can't translate that - "brunftmusik fuer die soldateska europea". NOVỲ SVET are currently recording for a release through REUE UM REUE, the 'ambient'-sideline of TuT.

A new album and a new 7" by O PARADIS are due soon. Both releases will feature collaborations with J. Weber.

Mister Weber also promised to send an update soon, but he seems now to be drowning in all your messages. So, it is your fault, guys.

Thanks for being part of it – "meyn geduld hat ursach."

The moderator


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