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07-06-2018, 09:01 | Michael We.

Am 3. August: SIEBEN mit neuem Album

Anfang August erscheint ein neues Album von SIEBEN (MATT HOWDEN), diese Info hat uns gestern erreicht. Besprechung folgt, sobald die Musik vorliegt...

You want some? You want crumbs from the rich man’s table? You want dark overlords messing with world morality? Or a furious satirical, tweed-clad anti-hero? Welcome to Sieben’s new album, crumbs.

Welcome to gothpunktronic. Elegant, up-beat and angry. A crafted manifesto of horror and verbal burlesque.

RELEASE DATE Friday 3rd Aug 2018
LABEL Redroom Records, Sheffield, UK

01 I Will Ignore The Apocalypse
02 Coldbloods
03 Is It Dark Enough?
04 Sleep Our Dream
05 The Overlords Are Back
06 30p Opera
07 Here Is The News
08 Crumbs
09 Post-Brexit Dreams Of Albion
10 Sell Your Future
11 You Want Some?
12 Just Be A Lot Nicer
13 Liberal Snowflake
14 Forge A Better World
15 We Will Be Alright
16 Can You Hear The Wind Coming?
BONUS CD TRACKS: 17 Here Is The News (BAND VERSION)  18 Coldbloods (BAND VERSION)

crumbs CD: 10 panel colour Digipack
UPC: 0607841607469

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