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02-09-2017, 15:28 | Michael We.

CURRENT 93 im Oktober in Berlin

Hier die Info aus dem aktuellen Newsletter von DAVID TIBET:

Dear Kittens, Oh Sweet MoonBoys and SunGirls:

We are OverSun and OverMoon to announce Sister and Brother Channellings by both CURRENT 93 and HYPNOPAZŪZU in BERLIN on October 20 & 21. The HYPNOPAZŪZU night will also include an after-show DJ set by the eternal Youth. The C93 night is honoured to announce that our Utter Special Guest is the perfect Alasdair Roberts. These Sidereal PickNicks take place at The Musikbrauerei (20th) and Apostel Paulus Kirche (21st).

HYPNOPAZŪZU Channel on October 20 at The Musikbrauerei. The beautiful building is described by the website as "one of the last authentic locations in Prenzlauer Berg, the 120 year old Schneider Brewery. Tucked away between Greifswalder Strasse and the Volkspark Friedrichshain, the venue is one of the few buildings in Berlin still unspoiled by the tide of gentrification. The opening night of the festival will take place in the Säulenhalle and the Main Hall”. 

CURRENT 93 Channel on October 21 at the Apostel Paulus Kirche whose foundation was laid and which has survived today. The vestibule arches over the shoulders of the incoming pixies leading them to the chapel and its collection of beautiful frescoes. The church also hosts “classic” choral ensembles and a plethora of roaming musicians across Europe.

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