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16-03-2017, 09:54 | Michael We.

BURIAL HEX mit neuer Kassette

TREUE UM TREUE / REUE UM REUE veröffentlichen drei neue Tapes, unter anderem von BURIAL HEX und Teilen von KINIT HER. Hier die Infos...

*(Cassette, TUT036)*

*This is the companion to the „Synthesizer Session I“ tape which was released on Treue um Treue in 2016. „Synthesizer Session X“ (sessions II to IX are non-stop real time recordings, meant to remain unreleased for the time being) sends us back to 2006. By that time, Marc P. Schaffer and Orpheo Weidelt-Baur had accumulated quite some gear, including the legendary Korg MS-20, and this last jamming session proves them once again to be the unchallenged masters of instrumental neo-romantic synth-wave bliss. File under: more dreamy night-driving tunes.*

*(Cassette, TUT037)*

*After a first volume released on Joy De Vivre last year, here comes the second chapter of Clayton Ruby’s experiments in rhythm. Setting off at the outer realms of post-club music, „The Spoils Of Feral Love Vol. II“ unveils a blackened labyrinth of multi-reverbed drony leftfield techno, skirting around a kind of gloomy dead zone of post-industrial 4/4 beats. At times chilly and trance inducing, at times almost sacral and liturgical, the underlying pulses of those „spoils“ offer you a ride from microcosm to macrocosm… and finally back to metacosm. A must have for fans of RAIME, PSYCHICK WARRIORS OF GAIA, VATICAN SHADOW, DEMDIKE STARE, RAPOON.*

*(Cassette, RUR043)*

*The second release under this new monicker of Nathaniel Ritter's (founding member of avant-folk ensemble KINIT HER and dark chamber pop duet WREATHES) is yet another gem of that mysterious and truly singular sound hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Delicate neo-orchestral arrangements flirt with shamanic drums, a bohemian piano lament coquets with an airily plucked harp, majestic organs gallivant with mournful strings. Like „Contemplations IV“ out last year on Brave Mysteries, „Circulation Of Light“ is an inebriant suite of several compositions, begotten from a time and a place unknown. File under: new wave of Sturm und Drang.*

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