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15-11-2016, 11:26 | Michael We.

Demo-CD von KEY (Anima Arctica)

Die beachtenswerte Band KEY (unter anderem hier schon vorgestellt) veröffentlicht eine CD mit Demovarianten ihrer Songs, hier die Info und der Link zum Label:

The collected demos of Key are released in digipack-CD format in 1st of December. See the two pics attached for brief glimpse of the outlook. The design honors the original black & white aesthetics of the demos, and seals the pack with small & stylish silver foilprint on the front cover.

Music on the demos is even more unpolished than on the two full-lengths "Crown of Winter" and "Silver Moon Slumber". The sense of improvisation and pure feeling over technical aspects is strongly present over all the songs. Most of the songs were not rehearsed, only recorded in a whim and led by emotion and visions. This is post-punkish neofolk for the people who are tired of polished plastic sound present in so many releases these days. These are fairytales from candle-lit cellars and misty forests made by (and for) the people who long for the childlike emotion of the old tales, storytelling by the candlelight, and the longing for world of wonders and joy.


Birch Skeletons
1. Slaves of the Monument
2. Birch skeletons
3. They knew none
4. The quiet skulls
5. The breath withdrawn
6. Through the crystal nights

Skin Lanterns
7. Skin lanterns
8. We are bound
9. The bottomless well
10. The vast words
11. Through the silver skin

Lake of Stars
12. The warmest kiss
13. The dying tower
14. Reveal the grave
15. Wax sigils
16. Lake of Stars
17. Through these towns


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