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02-09-2016, 19:29 | Michael We.

Neue VÍs auf dem Label von MENACE RUINE

UNION FINALE hat nach längerer Pause neue Veröffentlichungen angekündigt, hier die Infos:

M.O.R.: Anthems To The Disembodied

M.O.R. is one of the numerous low-profile manifestations of Geneviève Beaulieu and S. de la Moth's musical partnership over the last 20 years. It briefly existed in 2005-06, just enough time to give birth to their unreleased Anthems to the Disembodied and hit the stage once. It is what led to Menace Ruine, making the transition from a more electronic period to their current and best known project together. In fact, they first named Menace Ruine what they liked to call their "vegan synth-trash-metal" band, but since they shifted so quickly from one to another, they kept the name for their upcoming music, and for this projet simply translated Menace Ruine into Menace Of Ruin, using the acronym of it, which was highly meaningful: "death" being "mort" in French, and quite rightly, M.O.R.'s music is all about death...

Since they have always been fond of this album, they decided to mark its 10th anniversary by releasing it on their own label, Union Finale.

Recorded in 2005-06, the only album by M.O.R. (Geneviève Beaulieu and S. de la Moth) was influenced by their 80's trash metal favorites and the book The Heretic's Feast: a History of Vegetarianism by Colin Spencer. They had a blast working on this album together, despite the seriousness of the matter...

After a few years of veganism, obsessing over the fact that the whole world was not vegan already, Geneviève began to steal her neighbours' grocery flyers and make compulsive collages out of the raw meat pictures, in search of answers. How could dead corpses like these be appetizing to people? Why is it morally accepted to expose murdered bodies and to put a price over them? How could this be considered as normal? How come the mass killing of nonhuman animals is daily routine, and goes unpunished? Meanwhile, Steve was programming trash metal riffs and beats... So they met at this highly creative crossroads. Geneviève wrote the lyrics directly inspired by the aforementioned Spencer's book she had read with great enthusiasm a few years back.

32 minute cassette tape. Limited to 150
Pro-dubbed. J-Card + 1 panel. Matte black cassette shell with color printed label
Includes digital download

S/VR – 3e Libido / Autres gestes

Overly ardent and sensual, the music of 3e Libido  – now released on tape, the percussive-noise duo format of choice –  depicts nocturnal events deplorably driven by Concupiscence. The content is highly emotional, but crafted with control and finesse on vintage equipment. The other side of things is a new set of tracks called Autres gestes, seven rhythmic essays where cymbals and handclaps dance and distort to the point of sounding like your worst intrusive thoughts. Troubled and irritated gestures recorded live by Chanoine and slightly edited by S., with questionable intentions.

50 minute cassette tape. Edition of 50
Pro-dubbed. J-Card + 1 panel. Smoky tinted cassette shell with white ink pad print
Includes digital download

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