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08-08-2016, 18:42 | Michael We.

Industrial/Wave/Post Punk auf AVANT! RECORDS

Kurz vor den Labelferien kündigt AVANT! RECORDS noch zwei neue Alben an, hier die Infos:

PURE GROUND: Giftgarten

Pure Ground is a minimal industrial/wave duo formed in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2012.

Making use of a great assortment of analog and digital hardware, Pure Ground creates hard electronics teaming with rhythmic white noise and unsettling melody as the backdrop over which the group explores lyrical themes of present-day dystopian realities, sleeplessness and the supernatural, and the eventual triumph of the natural world over a human civilization in rapid decline. Not limited to music composition, the band also makes forays into analog video work, much of which can be seen projected onto them during live performances and in album art. To date, Pure Ground has released two LPs, four cassettes, three vinyl singles and a 20 minute VHS. Their next full-length LP Giftgarten will be released on LP (Avant! [EU] & Chondritic Sound [US]) and CD (Sleepless Berlin) on September 1st, 2016 to coincide with their third tour of Europe.

PLEASURE SYMBOLS: Pleasure Symbols

Pleasure Symbols from Brisbane, Australia is the post punk/synth duo project of Phoebe Paradise and Jasmine Dunn. Desolate but not devoid, Pleasure Symbols engulf honest pop music under a sea of slowed, cold synth and bass. Ritualistic vocals perpetually conveying a sense of desperation, but not without fortitude, the bands unembellished restraint continually on show. Pleasure Symbols is the self-titled 4-song debut 12" EP coming out September 2 on Avant! Records in Europe and Death Valley in Australia.

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