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01-12-2015, 18:33 | Michael We.

Stranges Zeug in Mini-Auflage auf MARBRE NEGRE

Drei Kassetten in kleiner Auflage erscheinen auf MARBRE NEGRE:

Le Bambole di Velluto and Urge to kill “Die Augen des Todes” Year: 2015. Label: Marbre Negre. Price: 7 € (shipping included). Cassette C-90. Limited to 16 copies. Intense HNW by Le Bambole di Velluto (AnonymousMasturbaudioum) and Urge to kill (Gyakusatsu, Persona, Heulen, Disciples du chaos...). It comes in a small black cardboard box and contains a Barget of each band.

Indigents “Archius V.I” Year: 2015. Label: Marbre Negre. Price: 5 € (shipping included). Cassette C-90. It comes in Polycase. Limited to 18 copies. We present the first volume of a series that we will publish cassettes along the end of 2015 and 2016 with unpublished material Indigents. Mythical group of Barcelona. His style is a mix of improvisation, noise, industrial and much paranoia. Essential.

Fagofobia. Year: 2015. Label: Marbre Negre. Price: 10 € (shipping included). Cassette C-45. Limited to 25 copies. Presented in black cardboard box with five insert and badget. Design by Grassa Dato. The release moves between experimental noise and
ambient noise. Disturbing and unsettling music...
Fagofobia (Phagophobia) is a psychogenic dysphagia, a fear of swallowing.It is expressed in various swallowing complaints without any apparent physical reason detectable by physical inspection and laboratory analyses. An obsolete term for this condition is choking phobia,but it was suggested that the latter term is confusing and it is necessary to distinguish the fear of swallowing (i.e., of the propulsion of bolus) from fear of choking. Phagophobia is classified as a specific phobia and according to DSM-IV classification it belongs to the category of "other phobias". Phagophobia may lead to (and be confused with) fear of eating, and the subsequent malnutrition and weight loss. In milder cases a phagophobe eats only soft and liquid foods. 

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