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25-09-2015, 23:00 | Michael We.


Neue Alben von SECRETS OF THE MOON und AMBER ASYLUM auf PROPHECY, hier die Infos:

Secrets Of The Moon
New album "Sun" and vinyl re-releases coming in December

On December 4th, Secrets Of The Moon will release their 6th studio album ("Sun") as CD Digibook, Gatefold 2LP, 2CD hardcover Artbook and "Complete Box".
Additionally to the new album we will have vinyl re-releases of "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" (Gatefold incl. poster, red vinyl, print run: 500 copies), "Antithesis" (Gatefold incl. poster, golden vinyl, print run: 500 copies) and "Privilegivm" (Gatefold incl. poster, grey vinyl, print run: 500 copies) as well as first time Lupus Lounge vinyl pressings of "Stronghold Of The Inviolables" (Gatefold incl. poster, black vinyl, print run: 500 copies) and the "Thelema Rising" sessions (incl. poster, black vinyl, print run: 500 copies).

Amber Asylum - Sin Eater
Amber Asylum are unique

For 20 years now, the quartet from San Francisco has been known for an introspective, abysmal mixture of neo-classical music, Dark Ambient and Doom spanning all genres. Kris Force' exceptional talent has impressed such diverse artists as Neurosis, Swans, Jarboe, Monte Cazazza, Sol Invictus or Lux Interna, some of whom have collaborated with the creative head for several years.
On "Sin Eater", Amber Asylum's first studio effort in six years, the four musicians combine the ominous energy of their drum- and bass-heavy albums "Garden Of Love" (2005) sowie "Still Point" (2007) with the lushest string arrangements in the band's history. The subject matter of their Prophecy debut is the cleansing ritual of "sin eating". Kris Force explains: "it still exists as a death ritual where the Sin Eater consumes a meal or 'corpse cake' that is passed over the body of the deceased or laid on the chest. The meal represents the sins of the deceased and once consumed by the Sin Eater the sins are released thereby allowing the soul to rest in peace. The album speaks of this process of taking on the pain of others to set them free."
"Sin Eater" is released at the same time as the limited box set "Anthology" to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary. It consists of twelve CDs, containing the band's entire work including numerous compilation tracks, singles and more partially unreleased bonus songs, topped by an accompanying 80-page book bound in leather with all lyrics.

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