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07-08-2015, 22:52 | Michael We.


Neues von MAURIZIO BIANCHI, DEISON und anderen erscheint auf FINAL MUZIK:

** GIANCARLO TONIUTTI & TIZIANO DOMINIGHINI "Counterchronology" CD (Final Muzik, FME7)

OUT NOW! Unreleased very first recordings from 1979, by Giancarlo Toniutti together with Tiziano Dominighini (pre "airthrob in" project!) on electric and acoustic instruments and noises. Recovered and mixed by Giancarlo Toniutti 2014. Limited to 300 copies. € 14,00

** M.B. "NOISE-O-RAMA" CD (Final Muzik, FME6) OUT NOW!

First official press of early 80's Maurizio Bianchi's private cassette tape. 80's M.B. recordings at their very best. Welcome to NOISE-O-RAMA. Limited edition of 200 copies only. € 13,00

** CYCLIC AMP "Shrapnel In The Toyshop" 2XCD (Final Muzik, FME8) OUT NOW!

Double CD "Discography" release for this 80's U.K. post punk / goth noise band. Including all tracks from "Happy Ending" (cassette, 1986), "Ugly As Power" (Mini-LP, 1987), "People Of The Book" (LP, 1988), Concrete Island (12"EP, 1989). Limited 300. Essential. € 15,00

** DEISON / M.B. "Black Panorama" CD (Final Muzik, FMSSD02) OUT NOW!

One of the best Maurizio Bianchi's collaboration works and one of the best Deison's albums. Period. Music for black landscapes. MAURIZIO BIANCHI: “Prologue: The title can already say a lot of contents. When we see ahead of us a view from the inside and we see another, the two views collide and according to our state of mind we can see a negative panorama or a more positive one. That's why this work will help us to regain our peace of mind or to lose it forever, while remaining unchanged the view before us”. Limited to 200 copies only. € 13,00

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