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06-07-2015, 20:58 | Michael We.

Erstes POST SCRIPTVM-Album als LP neu aufgelegt

TESCO legt das erste Album der russischen Industrialisten POST SCRIPTVM ("Gauze") als LP neu auf. Hier die Labelinfos und Soundausschnitte:

LP   23,-

release date: 25.7.15

LP reissue of the first full-length album by Post Scriptvm, recorded in late 2001 and originally released as CD-r. Unlike the project's later works that are characterized by subtlety and meticulous production, Gauze is an unvarnished, gritty 4-track recording of lo-fi death ambient from the wasteland of southern Brooklyn, NYC, enshrouded in the lingering haze of razed buildings and burnt human remains.

The boundary between what is considered normal everyday life and sheer insanity, carnage, personal and social collapse-true horrible face of humanity-is but an ephemeral layer of gauze that can be torn in a heartbeat, throwing reality out of balance, violently and irrevocably.

"This game is prompted by a rip in the fabric of life."


On the brink
The Binding
Vox Calamantis
Gentle Diversions

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