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30-01-2015, 13:39 | Michael We.

KE/HIL (TESCO) mit neuem Album

Die beiden Köpfe von GENOCIDE ORGAN und ANENZEPHALIA verbergen sich hinter KE/HIL. Auf TESCO ist nun ein neues, zweites Album erschienen, hier die Infos im Wortlaut:

Limited black vinyl edition of 250 copies comes with numbered insert. If you jumped the train on Hellstation you are now going to proceed to final destination: Zone 0. KeHil, the saints of the scum, are back with another bundle of reports from precarious minds and worlds, written in analogue noise reflecting degenerated inner city life and death. Observing non-zones, non-objects and especially non-subjects. Nightmarish sounds and rhythms beat are the pulse of cities and areas in agony. It could be your city! it could be you...B.Moloch and W.Herich joined forces for their second fulllenght ... The CD version comes in map-like folded A3 cover - showing a two sided map of Zone 0 - CD housed in extra slipcase. It helps you to localise the striking places for the Prekariat.

Work - church - poverty
Infirmity Anthem
Ghost of common past
Children of the devolution

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