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21-10-2014, 22:35 | Michael We.


RAUBBAU bringt neue Tapes und Vinyls raus, darunter Live-Aufnahmen von DEUTSCH NEPAL. Hier die Labelinfos...


gjöll. temporary symbiosis: gjöll at maschinenfest 2009

this tape includes an mp3-download-code

we proudly present gjöll's performance at the maschinenfest 2009. crystal clear and of stunning quality, the recordings of their minimalistic arrangements are nowhere short of intensity. straight from the start, we sense the full meaning of a temporary symbiosis: of dark and light, of cold and warm, of artist and audience. organic drum sounds carry the heavy drones and are enriched with guitar chords, distorted or echoing over the vocals with endless depth generated by delays. we float through beauty of northern simplicity. a beauty one can only experience when there is nothing left to lose: after one has abandoned all hope. this release is more than a mere blast from the past. it is a recreation of an appeal - to act, to realize, and to understand that there is no one but ourselfes to change our lives.

rewind, relax, enjoy - from the first track 'inoculation' which has never been released before through the experience of gjöll live on stage.


coph nia. a prelude to lashtal lace. lp. raubbau raub-026

release date: 03.november.2014. a2 originally by harry christian. b1 originally by joy division. remix by michael idehall.
photography by federico bebber. layout by salt. comes with download code and two postcards

before appearing on raubbau with a long-awaited full length album, coph nia mastermind mikael aldén serves us a scrumptious appetizer on a 12'' plate: one outtake, a radical remix and two b-sides are a classic satiable ep size serving for the vinyl gourmet.

first up is the album's title track, a homage to coph nia's ongoing fascination with crowleyan matters, an enchanting dark folk hymn in which the female backing vocals swell on slowly, before, after a moody break, the song plunges into full-on hazlewood / sinatrastyle psychedelia. 'mother of songs' is a lesser known original, here as a slowly grinding goth tune with angelic choirs, while joy division's 'in a lonely place' is an undisputed classic, stripped to an even bleaker carcass of despair in the unique coph nia style. finally, michael idehall's version of 'lashtal lace' replaces everything female, acoustic and romantic about the song with haunting atmosphere and industrial darkness. appease your appetite quickly, the serving is scarce!


deutsch nepal. pzykadelischer todeswunsch auf dem machinenfest 2k9 - deutsch nepal live in essen.

tape. raubbau raub-032 / pflichtkauf pflicht 058

release date: 30.10.2014. released by raubbau and pflichtkauf. &

this tape includes an mp3-download-code.

raubbau and pflichtkauf continue their cooperative effort to make available live recordings from the maschinenfest archives. and while there’s little use in an unaltered live presentation of studio material, there’s an important point in viewing into artists who treat their art into something very different on stage. and of that kind, deutsch nepal is surely a prime example: on stage the musician peter andersson disappears and makes room for lina baby doll, the intransigent libertine, the vaudeville villain of post-industrial music.

defying boundaries of taste, defying genres and trends, a deutsch nepal performance is always a private revelation. this recording from 2009 consists mainly of tracks from 'a silent siege' and 'erotikon' (the two studio albums deutsch nepal released in the 2000s) plus some live exlusives. there are all the aspects of the deutsch nepal sound to be discovered during these 47 minutes: the ritual drones of 'the torturesofa / saeta', the psychedelic blur of 'stella krutjief / drogentodt', the martial drumming of 'blackhouse', the oppressive noises of 'i just fokos an maiself' (sic!) or 'karkucak', the dark, anthemic beauty of 'heartbomb', the distorted aggression of 'silent siege', and the psychic striptease of 'thiudinassus / deutsch nepal'. the sound is raw and gritty, perfectly communicating the atmosphere of the performer / audience interaction, an extremely organicsounding compound of electronic sounds and samples; and above all, there’s the subsoil croon of lina’s voice, turning tracks into songs, experiment into heartfelt passion. timeless entertainment, for those inclined…

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