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06-10-2014, 22:05 | Michael We.

Album von MENACE RUINE Mitte Oktober!

Neues Material von MENACE RUINE. Die Band hat heute ihr neues Album, welches Mitte Oktober erscheint, per Newsletter vorgestellt. Hier alle wichtigen Infos:


After a long year of work, we are extremely pleased to announce that the new Menace Ruine album, Venus Armata, is about to be released on CD by Profound Lore Records (October 14th) and on double LP by SIGE Records (November). For those of you who wish to purchase the CD directly from us, they are now available via our Union Finale store. We'll start shipping them this week so the first orders will be delivered on time for the official release date. You can also pre-order the digital version via our Bandcamp page, with two songs downloadable immediately. The lyrics, along with each song's respective visuals, are included. More info and related links below. Thank you very much, and warmest autumn wishes!

Geneviève + S.

Profound Lore Records (PFL-143)
65 minute CD packaged in an uncoated cardboard digipack
+ 16 page color booklet including the lyrics, and visuals illustrating each of the songs

1. Soften Our Evil Hearts
2. Red Sulphur
3. Marriage In Death
4. Soothing But Cruel
5. Belly Of The Closed House
6. Torture Of Fire
7. Venus Armata

Written, recorded and mixed between April 2013 and June 2014
Music by Geneviève, except Torture Of Fire
(Music by S. / Vocals, sistrum and kamutef by Geneviève)
Lyrics and visual concepts by Geneviève
Mixing and graphic design by S.
Mastering by James Plotkin

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