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20-09-2014, 20:19 | Michael We.

Neues bei ANIMA ARCTICA - KEY lösen sich auf

Das finnische Label ANIMA ARCTICA, welches wir schon ausführlich vorgestellt haben, meldet einige Neuigkeiten. Unter anderem haben sich leider KEY aufgelöst. Hier sämtliche Infos:

Aura Shining Green:

- The absolutely beautiful and stunning milestone of Finnish psychedelic forest folk, the retrospective 2CD of Aura Shining Green, the result of the wayward wanderings and ponderings of the troubadour and mystic Joonatan Elokuu, has now been mastered. Will be sent to press asap. While waiting for the previews to A.A. website, take a peek here: http://kiiltomatolyhty.bandcamp.com/album/aura-shining-green


Pyhä Kuolema:

- The glorious debut of Pyhä Kuolema, "Saavun vaikken kulkisi" will be repressed and released in noble digipack soon.

- Third album has been composed, and will be recorded in authentic rural surrounding to capture that Finnish sound which was already well-presented on the debut masterpiece. Riimu has also planned some other releases with Pyhä Kuolema, more info when these are confirmed.



- Virtus, the second part of the trilogy that "Patria" started is progressing steadily. Again, warm, atmospheric and firm neofolk ahead.

- At the same time Noitanaama, utterly gloomy and eerie ritual folk album is forming. Crude home-made instruments and rough-hewn electric manipulation invoke ghastly sounds straight from the mists of the graves, deep forests and swamps.



- Key is dead. We (me and Rauta) noticed that we failed the capture the vim of the demos and the catchiness and atmosphere of the full-lengths, and decided to bury the album and the band. Hope you liked the demos and "Crown of Winter" and "Silver Moon Slumber"! The demo box set is beautiful, foil printed 3x10" vinyl box with inserts and printed sleeves, still some left at the shop. Crown of Winter sold out long time ago, but Silver Moon Slumber still available.
picture of the box: http://i899.photobucket.com/albums/ac198/VihanRuumiillistama/Music/Uutta4_zps2534b2bd.jpg



- Tervahäät will perform at Oulu 1st of November with Halo Manash and Jaakko Vanhala. This event will occur in very special conditions... Detailed info later.

- Pyhä Kuolema and Aura Shining Green will perform at Anima Arctica vigil Saturday 24th of January at Kuopio. This event will be a private party at the small theatre building Sotku in the center of Kuopio. More info later.

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