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20-09-2014, 20:12 | Michael We.


3 neue VÖs auf MINIMAL WAVE, die heute per Newsletter aus den USA reinkamen:

MW055 Richard H. Kirk - Never Lose Your Shadow EP

Minimal Wave is honored to present a 12" EP of tracks from the archives of Sheffield based electronic music legend Richard H. Kirk, entitled "Never Lose Your Shadow". Kirk first came to prominence in the 1970s as a member of the seminal industrial band Cabaret Voltaire. His first release as a solo artist, Disposable Half-Truths, came out in 1980 on Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records label and since then he developed a solo career parallel to the band until its dissolution in 1994. On the EP, we compile tracks originally recorded between 1978 and 1987, which have never before been released on vinyl. The title track, 'Never Lose Your Shadow' blurs the lines between harsh industrial, dance floor, and no wave. This is one we've been playing out for a while now and wondering why it hadn't been pressed on vinyl. The other three tracks are more experimental and reference ideas Kirk was exploring in Cabaret Voltaire at the time. When asked specifically about this collection, Kirk explains that "none of the tracks were outtakes for Cabaret Voltaire, they were always solo tracks, although I think 'Never Lose Your Shadow' was vey much a blueprint for the material that Cabaret Voltaire recorded for Virgin / Some Bizarre between 1983-85. The minimal sequencer / drum machine lockdown that I used later for Cabaret Voltaire was pioneered on this track. Lyrically, 'Never Lose Your Shadow' was inspired by the 1971 speed freak road movie 'Vanishing Point', amongst other things." The EP is limited to 999 hand-numbered copies, the first 500 are pressed on solid grey vinyl and the remainder on black. Every copy is accompanied by a postcard of the Western Works Studio. Special thanks to Mute for agreeing to license this group of tracks. Order your copy here, $20. Vinyl orders will begin shipping on September 25th. Digital release also available via iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep, etc.

1 Never Lose Your Shadow
2 Public Fun
3 L.D. 60
4 Magic Words Command

MW056 Guyer's Connection - Portrait LP

Minimal Wave is proud to present a reissue of the seminal first album from Swiss Wavers, Guyer's Connection. Tibor Csébits and Philippe Alioth formed Guyer''s Connection in Basel, Switzerland when they were only 14 and 15 years old. At the time they were in a new wave rock band called "Kurtzschluss" which they decided to break from in order to make purely electronic music. They began with two synthesizers, a drum machine, a 4-track tape recorder and a multitude of ideas. They channeled their unique and humorous vision into their first album, entitled Portrait which they produced themselves and self-released in 1983. Over the years, the album became a highly sought after minimal synth cult classic. It stands alone as one of the strongest examples of Swiss Minimal Wave, and probably the only one that is in Baseldytsch. The Portrait reissue is presented in a high quality gloss sleeve, with artwork to match their original sleeve design from 1983. The record features newly remastered audio pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, as a hand-numbered edition of 999. Order your copy here, $22. Vinyl orders will begin shipping September on 25th. Digital release also available via iTunes, Boomkat, Amazon, etc.

1 Pogo of Techno
2 Ballade Pour Nous
3 Ein Glas Voll Gurken
4 She's So Hot
5 La Transformation
6 Links & Lustig
7 Die Grille
8 Keep The City Clean
9 Dallas
10 Arabia
11 National- und Ständerat

CITI014 Silent Servant / Broken English Club - Violence & Divinity EP

Cititrax is proud to present a 4 song split EP by Silent Servant and Broken English Club. Although the two are geographically very far apart, Silent Servant based in Los Angeles, US and Broken English Club based in London, UK, the two share a similar outlook and musical approach. Both projects have been on the rise lately, and stem from a strongly rooted techno background. Combining their influences of dance music, techno, EBM, industrial and post-punk, Silent Servant and Broken English Club offer a new breed of EBM infused techno wave on the Violence And Divinity EP. They artfully create music that works both on and off the dance floor, infusing a dark atmospheric mood with addictive, pulsating rhythms. Themes of love, death, modernity and automobile crashes appear throughout this EP from the music itself right through to the cover art and one of a kind vinyl pressing. Limited edition vinyl pressing of 999 copies, first 500 copies are pressed on black inside milky clear vinyl, housed in a matte printed sleeve. Order your copy here, $20. Vinyl orders that include this title will begin shipping on September 30th.

1 Silent Servant - Speed And Violence
2 Silent Servcant - Cut Unconcious
3 Broken English Club - Divinity
4 Broken English Club - Delays


MW057 In Aeternam Vale - Gnd Lift 12"
MW058 Linear Movement - The Linear Way LP
MW058 Oppenheimer Analysis - The Complete Collection 2LP
CITI015 An-i - Gutz 12"

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