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02-06-2014, 20:22 | Michael We.

Nach Ewigkeiten wieder ein KRAKEN-Album

Nach gefühlten Jahrzehnten haben KRAKEN, das skurrile belgische Duo und früher NONPOP-Stammgäste, wieder mal ein Album veröffentlicht. Ohne Titel erscheint es aktuell auf RAUBBAU:

kraken. untitled. cd. raubbau raub-025

tracklist: 1 untitled, 2 untitled, 3 untitled, 4 untitled, 5 untitled, 6 untitled

upc 821272213024. release date: 23.june.2014

kraken is back and pulls us down into the abyss - a dark, cold and desolate place that is filled with the droning of oscillators. authentic field recordings mingle with evolving rhythms, and the underlying tension created by the poignant confessions of human beings adds to the unique flavor of kraken: equally fascinating, enchanting and disturbing, the sounds cut right through our souls. for fifty minutes, kraken keeps us in its tight grip and we all cannot resist but realize our own fugacity. fifteen years past the first kraken release, its epitaph is more actual than ever before: when gazing into the abyss for too long, one tardy realizes that he is part of it. from within the vast depths, raubbau brings to you the latest album, unnamed.

untitled. cd. album. raubbau. 2014
strop. cd. album. raubbau. 2010
nachtschade. cd+dvd. album. spectre. 2008
drift. cd. album. spectre. 2007
chagrin. cd. album. spectre. 2006
amore. 2cd. album. spectre. 2005
förlisa. cd. album. nautilus / spectre. 2003
aquanaut. lp. album. nautilus / spectre. 1999

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