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28-01-2014, 12:22 | Michael We.

CON-DOM und SUDDEN INFANT mit Tapes im Februar

Zwei Tapes von SUDDEN INFANT und CON-DOM erscheinen im Februar auf RAUBBAU:

Sudden Infant. Holes Of Glory. Tape.
Raubbau RAUB-020

This tape includes an mp3-download-code. Layout by Salt. Release Date: 14.02.2014
The Holes of glory are dark and deep: Sudden Infant plays with our minds by the means of 45 minutes full of so much more than plain entertainment. Sudden Infant is art, the compositions complex and multi-dimensional with classical noise parts, dark synth licks or complete sample-based tracks. Holes Of Glory leaves room for your own interpretations and imagination, makes you reach for what lies underneath. Willingly or not, you become part of these creations, making this record an absolute personal and individual experience. The unmatched history of Sudden Infant releases is continued on Raubbau: inspired by a fictional serial killer in the S&M scene of New York City, this masterpiece is the musical site of crime, made for you to discover.

con-dom. nothing - live manifestations of the eighth pillar: maschinenfest / jerusalem
tape. raubbau raub-021 / pflichtkauf pflicht 054

This tape includes an mp3-download-code. release date: 19.02.2014
Like shivers down our spines, we slide back into the past to indulge in two epic performances of CON-DOM - for the first time or once more. With our eyes closed, we drift into the almost physical experience of the Maschinenfest 2012, where CON-DOM seduces us with bell tunes merged with machinistic sounds and vocals straight to the core. Ever changing, the selection of samples and noisefloors takes us from scourged open deserts to hidden corners, a multi-facetted arrangement in perfect harmony with the shattering voice that echoes over. The trip continues on the B-side with a second assault - a never-before recorded or released ‘Eighth Pillar’ manifestation, from Jerusalem - at the edge of the blasted sands. Never enough, never too much. Altogether, we enjoy more than one hour of CON-DOM’s finest live material saved on tape - subject yourself fully to Control and Domination.

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