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11-10-2013, 21:47 | Michael We.


TESCO - Industrial-Label und -Versand aus Mannheim - bietet in seinem aktuellen Newsletter einige interessante Aufnahmen von älteren Songs, 1x live (ANENZEPHALIA) und 2x neu aufgenommen (CHANGES, DERNIÈRE VOLONTÉ). Hier die Info im Wortlaut:

- Funkspiele
LP  LE250  23,-

L.ed.num.250, incl. insert. All tracks recorded live at Red Club st. Petersburgh on Dec. 1, 2001, recorded at Musikinsel Mannheim. All radio signals performed by B/Moloch and W/herich
Comes in heavy 180g vinyl. Once released as a CDR in an edition of 50 copies. The record ends with a different track - "Der Wald" will not be on this record, instead it features the track from the Heilige Feuer II compilation. Overall the whole concert is a live release of some of the finest Anenezphalia moments.
Archaic 003

- A Ripple In Time
CD 14,-
release date: 11.10.2013

The musical duo, Changes, as has been well documented, was formed by cousins, R. N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk in Chicago, Illinois in 1969.  They performed often between the years of 1969 and 1975 but then went their separate ways.  In 1995, Changes was rediscovered and an album entitled Fire of Life was produced from audio tapes recorded in their early years. 
Though Robert and Nicholas have composed many songs since those early days, there were many songs from that era that hadn't been used for any of their albums.  So instead of, once again, digitizing old tapes of these songs, they returned to the studio to record new versions, with enhanced harmonies and instrumental bridges.  In addition to the early works, a more recently composed song, entitled "Somewhere in the Night" and two instrumentals, "Paradiso" and "Eldorado" were included on the LP.
Now, for the CD version, an introductory piano instrumental entitled "Rippling Waters" bridges the music from the early days to the present.  Additionally, a bonus track is included with a reading of Dante's "Paradiso" by actor, Adreano Lami, voiced over Mr. Tesluk's instrumental composition of the same name. Now presenting the album, A Ripple in Time, in CD format.

- Obeir Et Mourir    
2CD    17,-   
2LP LE444  25,-
2LP grey vinyl LE222 28,-   
release date: 11.10.2013

- re-release of the 1st ever Derniere Volonte 2MC boxset. The material was completely new mastered and contains the original music dating back to 1998. This Derniere Volonte at its purest form stripped down to melancholic nihilism - with a drop of sharp misanthropy - this creates an industrial-like atmosphere of a destroyed countryside. On this release you can hear the basics of what later became the military pop duo.

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