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06-08-2013, 15:53 | Michael We.


COLD SPRING hat neue Veröffentlichungen angekündigt, darunter eine Split von SKULLFLOWER:

SKULLFLOWER / MASTERY - 'Skullflower / Mastery' LP (Cold Spring CSR165LP)
SKULLFLOWER presents a trinity of sombre meditations evoking Europe after the rain, drowned ruins, sunken dreams: spiders run across harpsichords in deserted schlosses and chateaus, doors slam and phantom demon choirs are summoned at seances by Blatavskian crones, whose impenetrable china blue dolls eyes open onto Tibetan vistas, terrible, ancient and remote...

MASTERY is improvised one man cosm(ag)ick. Total berzerker black metal, rooted in the tradition of true grim blackness, but filtered through Mastery's cracked perception, transforming this into something beyond true; a droned out and damaged, outsider blackness, that sounds pretty much unlike almost any other black metal.

Ltd x 500 copies.

Standard edition: 400 copies on purple vinyl.
Special edition: 100 copies on green vinyl through Cold Spring mailorder only!

WICKED KING WICKER - 'Evolving' CD (Cold Spring CSR154CD)
Brand new studio album from Wicked King Wicker. WKW return to Cold Spring with their seventh album proper. Thick, black noise is underpinned by monolithic, crawling doom, in a way that only Wicked King Wicker can deliver. Total annihilation spread over 4 immense tracks. 45 minutes of music to shatter souls. Features cover art from Steve Cerio (The Residents' regular designer).

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