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26-06-2013, 20:50 | Michael We.


DER BLUTHARSCH AND THE INFINITE CHURCH OF THE LEADING HAND: Neues Album im September! Hier die Mitteilung von heute im Wortlaut...

Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand: The Cosmic Trigger

Format CD, LP, Tape, Digital Download

Releasedate: September 23rd 2o13

Formerly inventor of „military pop“ Der Blutharsch in their history evolved towards a sort of  real kinky dark rock band. Gone are the times of provoking images – on their jounrey towards new territories DB reincarnated  and now invite you to celebrate life and love together.

If you are ready to praise the gods of the cosmic universe - then you will enjoy the ride.


For this album Dbaticotlh were:

Lina Baby Doll, Jörg B., Niko Potocnjak, Marthynna and Albin Sunlight Julius 

supported by:

Didi Kern, Geoffroy D, Jerry White, Mazo Tomez, Dennis Lamb, Patrice L’Amour,

Lloyd James, Matt Howden, Edward Ka-Spel: and Sabaan

The first edition of the CD and LP will come with an extra CD containing remixes by Geoffroy D.


The Cosmic Trigger
Sacred Mountain
Cosmic Trigger mk2
A Terrible Place
Hold on!
Walking in Straight Lines
Follow us instead
Flying through the Exit

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