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29-05-2013, 20:31 | Michael We.

TOBIAS BERNSTRUP u.a. neu im Juni

Hier einige Neuigkeiten von ENFANT TERRIBLE:

Expected late June are two new 12 inches on Gooiland Elektro and the second edition of the Distel LP on Enfant Terrible…

Tobias Bernstrup is among the top of the new wave of italo disco… if there is such a thing like that... he mixes italo disco elements with classic synth-pop/electro-pop touches...

Here is a full track preview:

Schwefelgelb is a techno duo from Berlin... but they play techno in their own way... like an updated version of DAF... Techno Body Music if you want it or not... this is non-stop decadent party music...

Here is a full track preview:

The already highly acclaimed debut album by Distel sees it second edition (after an ultra limited collectors edition). Angst pop… (post) industrial… ritual electro… it is all there… called by various sources the album ofthe year when it comes to dark underground music…

Here is a full track preview:

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